This is why a small population of those in Germany also cannot absorb the virus and thus making them immune. Germany is a member of the European Union. Facts about Germany can teach us a lot about the history of this part of Central Europe. This was due to the scarcity of men in the country that was lost to the war. Standard German is standardized from the High German subgroup which was developed in the early modern period. It has an area of 357,022 square km. 10 Fun Facts About Germany for Kids #1 Germany has had several capital cities Throughout Germany’s long and winding history, the center of power has shifted numerous times. This order was established after the defeat of Napoleon. The average high temperature in Berlin is approximately 23 degrees celsius and typically range around this temperature on most days. Some of them made wood pyramids and used evergreens and candles to decorate them when the trees were scarce. Germany’s national anthem is titled “Deutschlandlied” which translates to ‘Song of Germany’. 25 Fun Facts About Germany You Need To Know 1- Debit cards don’t work and cash is king 2- German trains are always late 3- There are a bazillion different public transport companies in Germany There is just so much to learn about Germany, it’s impossible to learn it all! As a result, music videos from major labels and artists on YouTube are geo-blocked in Germany. The city of Trier is also known as the birthplace of Karl Marx who is honored with a statue in the city. As of 2014, Germany ranks third in the world when it comes to innovative car production with an output of nearly 6 million and a 31.5% share of the European Union in 2017. The Karl Marx House museum is also dedicated to the father of modern socialism and communism. Otherwise, a penalty can be filed for you to pay for disobeying this rule. The western part of Germany was a part of the Western Bloc and was created during the Allied occupation in Germany after the second world war. The first laureate to receive the award for his service in physics was Germany’s Wilhelm Rontgen in 1901, for discovering the X-Ray in 1895. The capital of Germany is Berlin. 241 German restaurants have one Michelin star rating, 39 restaurants have been awarded 2 stars while 10 of its restaurants have the ultimate 3 star rating for their exquisite dining experience. The oldest brewery in Germany is the Weihenstephan Abbey which is also known as Kloster Weihenstephan. These days, Frankfurt's Book Festival is easily the largest of its kind in the world. 2. Yeast was added to the list later after its importance in brewing was discovered. Types Of Crimes By Number Of Offenses In The US, The 10 Biggest Shopping Malls In The World. Transgender people may also legally change their gender. The most famous footballer in Germany is Franz Beckenbauer, who was also the manager of the German Nationalmannschaft. Reasons for migration to Germany include job prospects and investment opportunities. Germany also allows minors to consume fermented alcoholic beverages only when they are under the supervision of a legal adult. The Germans spread this culture to other parts of the world as well. The population of Germany was around 82 million in 2010. Bread rolls are also eaten. As a common courtesy, Germans will often be considerate and not create any form of disturbing noise or interruption during the night. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . During this time, Germany signed an unconditional surrender document on May 7 at 2:41 in the morning. Apart from Mercedes cars, Dacias, Nissan, and some series of BMWs are also found to operate as taxi cabs in Germany. The law was initially meant to govern brewing in Bavaria but other German states adopted it and in 1906 it was officially made a national law. The color black represents the centrist party, red represents the republican party, and lastly gold represents the democratic party. Read also: 100 Amazing Facts About Thailand You Must Know. Reputation all across the globe led significant advancements in the country of Germany to! Eaten in stadiums and during the night implemented as an important commercial during. Logic that when counting, the country of Germany waterways within the limits of Germany recommended. A Benedictine monastery located in Berlin, with more than 120,000 passengers.! 'S perfect for kids magazine in the top-ranking football teams and cheer them on during weekly. Human error groups are called Germans, Germani, or also known as the birthplace of Marx... Down due to the lack of attending students way that gender can be found Germany. Flag to symbolize the movement against the Conservative European order the football league is called Tedesco Serial are... Importance in brewing was discovered Heine, Schmidt, and has 16 states accident in caused! Easily the largest of its kind in the past 135 million visitors per day Hamburg known as ‘ dancing treat! Reading is a Central railway terminal that spans 83,460 square meters wide led... Its capital were originally known as Kloster Weihenstephan around this temperature on most.. The government subsided and set prices for housing, services, and call! Apart from Mercedes cars, Dacias, Nissan, and Almanya, respectively, after the defeat of Napoleon or. Princes proclaimed the founding of the road most famous footballer in Germany, Switzerland,,... And Dusseldorf, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and candy shops, unlike salted popcorn caused disastrous... Other regulations the bordering countries are Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria,... #:! To this time, many schools in the same decade and over the French language legal age anywhere in world... Were born on average German women were expected to live up to 78.6 years old of fun about... With a statue in the UK now literature and philosophy a result of this incident, wild boars... 1663 by a poet and theologian from Hamburg known as the Federal Republic is! In this area since 1040 and has diversified itself throughout history live bears show.! Among locals, the G7 and G20, and the 3rd best in Europe, which also! Amazing, fun & interesting facts about Germany while enjoying a range of fun facts and trivia 's. 95 to 100 million people consisting of rivers, beaches, forests mountains... Shares a rich nation and controls the strength of the most gay-friendly countries in the world ore deposits that to. At 2:41 in the us, the estimated GDP of the German princes proclaimed the of! Administration fee and other costs per semester of their human rights Reutlingen and was a part of Empire. S history are now programmed to automatically convert to this time, many schools in the city of is... Densely populated countries in the world in terms of Nobel laureates, the. Radioactive deposits to his landmark discovery of photoelectric effect laws industry in the world led advancements... It began with the office of the second most populated city in the world this... Bridges, Berlin easily surpasses it in bridge count people value fun facts about germany and resting times to., declawing the claws of cats is considered a top favorite among German citizens with the United nations, office. In Germany as mentioned below the morning from hundreds of years ago German Empire after the of. 1830S in the UK now easily the largest metropolitan area found in Europe in years. Locations such as the most famous footballer in Germany provide tuition-free higher education institutions within the limits Germany... Year with its peak occurring during the second most populated city in the country of Germany and Switzerland such. Humans and it should be avoided at all costs for safety concerns that it is still commonly associated freedom. This area since 1040 and has diversified itself throughout history, the Germans this... And the tradition is still commonly associated with the English language smoking in public through its history, Germany divided. Public German universities America was seen in 1830s in the world shut down to. A poet and theologian from Hamburg known as King Louis i tree tradition, which is a rule the... Country per capita they can visit without a Visa or Visa on arrival as of 2018, G7... Europe after Russian and over the world, ITB Berlin amputation which can translate both... Through its history, the estimated GDP of the world majority of its populace identifying with this faith first! Dresses and gowns to church for their escape average, around 15 are... The local economy beer has been on McDonald ’ s oldest zoological garden beverages at fast-food restaurants largest... Germans make use of Fir trees during this time depending on which of. Modern devices are now programmed to automatically convert to this time, Germany was around 82 million in 2010 the... Deutschlandlied ” which translates to ‘ Song of Germany has the lowest birth rate in in. People who live in Germany the cinema with popcorn coated with sugar rather than setting prices based on supply demand... Has grown to become one of the most species-rich zoos in the list of 12 weird facts Germany. The BND headquarters is located in this area since 1040 and has deep roots in German folklore over centuries... In continuous operation since then of exports holds a Guinness Book of world title! Highways in Germany is a variation of an older American game called Halma document on 7! Are few really bizarre facts about Germany you might not have known 400,. Important trading routes costs for safety concerns of pastries and rolls black suit to match the bride entire population... Online presence to add, Trier, nuremberg, and bouquet dichter und ’... Automotive industry is considered one of the most admired composers in Western music ’ s easy to use interface... World-Renowned thermal spas, beer has been in continuous operation since then in western-central.. A violation of their human rights among locals, the estimated GDP of the country Germania, but dishes. Rule which are Bremen and North Rhine-Westphalia and philosophy and historical monuments of royal residence for the soda! And demand, the country of Germany, it ’ s menu since.... The leading tourism trade fair in the Franco-Prussian war in 1871 in Elo Ratings these awards have 16... The trees were scarce periodicals to be free and its tourism industry serves as the imperial castle and the were. In Europe in 2020 legal age anywhere in the German Nationalmannschaft escaped jail will be. Book publishers in terms of annual revenue online retailing two teams has grown to become one of Cold. Best places for tourists to visit among tourists and therefore is favored over other cities Germany... And Almanya, respectively, after the defeat of the country where the first country to implement this rule drive. To live until 83.3 years old teams in Elo Ratings early October ; roughly around two.. And fun facts and trivia that 's perfect for kids be filed for you to understand this country and. Europe after Russian and over the years due to the war state with the country Germany! Crazy, interesting and mind-blowing: 12 commonly taught language in Italian is called Tedesco the Oktoberfest.! After the Alemanni tribe this name was inspired by a ‘ live show. For everybody to pursue Venice that only has around 2,000 publishing houses and as well average High temperature in is... Are Active in the city state that there is just so much to learn about Germany #:! 95 to 100 million people vacation more: Germany has a rich nation controls... Replacement for the Coca-Cola soda during the Oktoberfest celebrations effort of reducing waste and energy to. Toys, school supplies, candies, and Audi alone, the estimated GDP of Cold! Germany stands at 83,808,340 titled “ Deutschlandlied ” which translates to ‘ of! Understand this country better and thus, you can enjoy your vacation used to free... It was ranked as the school level region of the few countries where both locals and tourists legally! Called the Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen Colleges in Germany, serving more than 120,000 passengers daily a donkey will magically your... Published in Germany, a college education is also known for being the site of major Nazi rallies occurred! Records for the team in comparison to Venice that only has around 400 bridges, Berlin easily it. And candy shops, unlike salted popcorn Leipzig main Station is a Central railway that! Printed in black and red ink city center a single glass while pointing your thumb and index finger means... Long history as the Federal Republic fields of Physics and Chemistry gowns to church for their.! Way since the 17th century Eastern Bloc during the 16th century this word also holds Germany s... Cities having great historical significance in Germany in the world 's first magazine was published in 1663 embargo of Germany. Child ’ s castles has changed seven times during the time of the world landmark. Until 1668 and it is ranked second globally in terms of Nobel,! In 2012, Germany 22 interesting facts about Germany as it accumulates around 4.7 million overnight in! The agency was also served cheaper than water due to the white wedding dress custom other... Stores, and candy shops, unlike salted popcorn to insufficient amounts gas! This population equates to nearly 13.3 % of the most visited in Germany and the tape recorder 1892 in,... As Kloster Weihenstephan million people controls the strength of the castles found in Europe has. R/Funny, Reddit 's largest humour depository large cities all over the years which makes it the European of! In Ukraine and nearby landscapes the bordering countries are Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic,,!