1, un jeu de combat; puis arrive à sa première OST en solo : celle du modeste Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon dont il arrange peu après une version orchestrale. 1, Tobal 2 is known for its incredibly large 200+ playable character roster, as enemies and NPCs in Quest Mode can be "captured" to unlock special characters based on them. Updates: ver 1.0 everything ver 1.1 Hom's suicide Tori's characteristics More details for Quest Mode Hello, if there is no 3D fighting game better than Tekken 2 or Virtua Fighter 2, check this one out. Its unusual concept alone makes it a firm winner. Oh really now? The sequel to Tobal No. document.write('')//-->. It's convincing and natural, not to mention hugely creative. 1 is a brawler developed by DreamFactory. The best of VGM and other great soundtracks, Project Soul Primary Sound Box - Soul Edge, Soul Calibur I & II, Game soundtracks for sale (January 13, 2021 Update), -Project Saitama- The S.S.H. For Tobal No. He lives with his family in Japan. Full or partial copying is strictly prohibited. Though the latter two themes are not all that melodic, their unusual style and inherent groove make them inspired additions. Currency Currency. "Cosmic Desert" is a complete contrast, however. Watch Queue Queue Album name: Tobal No. Like Chrono Trigger: The Brink of Time and Xenogears Creid, this album is highly experimental.However, it is more electronica-based than jazz or Celtic, in line with the original fighting game soundtrack. 1.The game was re-released in 2007 under Square Enix's "Legendary Hits" label. Yu Setoguchi × Souta Mochizuki × Haruki Serizawa (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya, Yuki Kaji, Kenichi Suzumura)/Samishigariya feat. "Vision On Ice" is also pretty good, sounding spacey due to its unusual synth use yet also having a feeling of sereneness due to the way everything is so consistent and subtly pieced together. It's a definite grower and works well as a scene-setter too. GUIDO's remix in the Tobal No. Anime Art Craft Art Kunst Anime Music Anima And Animus Anime Shows. This assures they're considerably more unique than his sometimes run-of-the-mill works and fit snugly in the soundtrack alongside the other composer's contributions. The most sinister of its failings is the fact that many themes are underdeveloped; even the better ones are often repetitive, suffering from endless loops and little distinctive melodies, and this doesn't help the album collectively either, as it is already short. Genre (s) Fighting. All trademarks, logos and images are belong to their legitimate owners. Tobal 2 (トバル2, Tobaru 2) is a 3D fighting video game developed by DreamFactory and released by Square in Japan in 1997.It is the sequel to Tobal No. Besides all that, the game is a heck of a lot of fun. Hmm, don't seem to remember such an insert in the copy I had. While what comes before is fun, the development section is truly awesome, filled with flair and ingenuity, though it eventually returns back to more electronic beats. Total produits Frais de port À définir Total Continuer mes achats Commander. Langue Langue. As for Shimomura's "Aqua and Trees," this is a likeable track that combines her trademark light-hearted styles with tropical sounds and jungle backbeats. $('img.lazy').lazyload({effect : 'fadeIn'}); It's decent and immediately adds to the score's character. ... Don't forget that one in every hundred copies of the OST had a rare holofoil insert with one of the characters from the game on it. Menu. While out-of-print for a while, it's not too rare and should pop up at eBay occasionally; it's well-worth a try, though listening to samples first may also be wise, and it should also be a source of interest in that it was so influential and unusual for its time. Final Fantasy VII This game is probably best known for … Les meilleures offres pour TOBAL NO.1 Original Sound Track Video Game Soundtrack OST Music CD JAPAN sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! Tobal No. Ken Shibasaki × Aizo Shibasaki (CV: Takuya Eguchi, Nobunaga Shimazaki) / HoneyWorks, Breaking Surface Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition VERGIL Sound Selection, Cyberpunk 2077: Radio Vol. Tobal No. The 'new age' "Hills of Jugon" is a subtle gem, which features some beautiful timbres, particularly when Haruo Kondoh's bagpipes are added.