The other thing to note about the campaign is the built in balance. Like you I'll always have a special place in my heart for the opening of Jedi. 7.3. The campaign pits four rebel players against an Imperial player, functioning as a co-operative dungeon crawler experience, complete with a storyline and character progression. With Skirmish mode available, if there are only two of us wanting to play, we can! Though the game is all over the board in terms of playtime, if I had to give a ballpark average, I would say that campaign sessions usually average between one and three hours (at one mission per session), and skirmish sessions average between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. Ally/Villain pack name: Campaign: Skirmish: Last Update: Star Wars: Imperial Assault is a strategy board game of tactical combat and missions for two to five players, offering two distinct games of battle and adventure in the Star Wars universe! Much like a video game or an RPG, each character can enhance their abilities as they move through the campaign. If you look around online, you’ll find plenty of people asking why the game favors the Imperials, and an equal amount of people asking why the Rebels always win. So battles can take on new depth and twists during a skirmish. Zach is an avid tabletop gamer, and he created Board Game Resource out of his love for the hobby, and his desire to see more people come into it. A great Design Knowing Fantasy Flight Games as well as being familiar with these type of games, it was obvious from the very start that a bunch of expansions would follow. There’s no denying it – this game can be replayed over and over and over and over. Posts in discussion: Star Wars: Imperial Assault Review. The manchild inside of me gets giddy with excitement every time I see all of my painted minis on the table; it’s as if Star Wars jumped out of my TV screen and into my living room. In the skirmish, this is equally as important. Although Twin Shadows and Return to Hoth are the only currently announced expansions, if Fantasy Flight’s history is any indication, then it’s likely that they will continue to follow the small box/big box model each year, with figure packs all over the place in between. About; Game reviews. Almost all of the character’s special abilities and traits feel like homages to the movies, and the mechanics work so well thematically. These surprises may seem random and luck based, and may hinder your experience if you’re not looking at the game with the right mindset. These concepts are at the heart of everything else in Imperial Assault. Once you’re playing, Imperial Assault is a brilliant tactical exercise. They are generally reliable, with stints of unruliness. What can I say here? Is the rulebook well-designed and easy to read? Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Star Wars: Imperial Assault board game review, Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition. 8.2. The Tutorial encounter is a simple map with straight-forward objectives and it only takes a few turns to complete. Our rebel heroes duck behind cover, dodging blaster fire, seizing opportune moments to strike back. These are the cards that indicate the abilities of each figure. When he's not writing for or managing BGR, Zach might be hanging out with cats, hiking a mountain, spending time with his lovely wife, or writing about video game stuff for Insert Gamer. But because of the first two points above, I had a good hunch that a Star Wars tie-in for this game experience would be a hit. This surprise campaign event either closes a door shut or increases the health of the terminals. Another friend of mine didn’t have a single probe droid that was connected all the way, and one’s leg had even snapped off. If you click the picture above, you’ll get a more in depth explanation of the strategic implications in that given scenario, but I’ll still make some points here. Campaign missions, on the other hand, are all over the place. This is another reason why I encourage people to play the campaign for fun and to enjoy the ride, and if they want to play solely for skill, to try the skirmish mode instead. It’s fantastic for two, and there’s not much more to be said. Imperial Assault is a highly ambitious, thematic adventure that is jam packed with content and endlessly replayable. I'm in the middle of a three-player campaign of this game, and so far we really like it. It almost goes without saying that Imperial Assault is based on the vast Star Wars universe of characters, locations, and adventures. Because of the way the dice are designed, it is, again, rare that there are significant upsets. Missions are played over a number of game rounds consisting of two phases: 1. For starters, figures can’t Rest. This means that enemies, unknown to the Rebels, might appear suddenly behind doors that they open, or that reinforcements might arrive when they’re least expecting it. If you do get upset by bad dice rolls, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Of course the first noticeable cool thing about Imperial Assault is the fantastic components and awesome miniatures. It’s a scene that seems all too familiar: Stormtroopers blast through the doorways, as plasma bolts echo through the hall. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. If there’s one thing Fantasy Flight is good at, it’s shipping premium quality games and Imperial Assault is no exception. And let’s not forget the Skirmish mode. From the very first days of the Imperial Assault Core Set, players have been launched into the Star Wars galaxy, playing out the thrilling missions of the game’s narrative campaigns. If they think that’s what the game is about, then yes, it will absolutely be frustrated. On the left is the Boba Fett figure pack, and on the right is Twin Shadows. A “trooper” card, for example, will only apply to Stormtroopers and E-Web Engineers. You could probably play the campaign three times and still not experience all the missions, and even if you did, you can dramatically change the experience each time by switching up the players as well as the heroes you choose to play with. The Imperials are trying to defend the terminal, and the Rebels are strategically positioning themselves to take it. This, however, is not required, and there are multiple alternatives. And of course, there are 50 double-sided, interlocking map tiles of various shapes that can be put together to make a seemingly endless variety of Star Wars environments. There are so many little touches and attention to detail that really make this game feel like a high quality, high production Star Wars experience, and not something that Fantasy Flight pushed out just to make a quick buck. There’s just that much inside of here. That being said, as much as we love Star Wars, the boys still favor Descent because of the fantasy nature of it. Furthermore, every unit has one or more special abilities that differ all across the board. The expansions also come with new units, along with skirmish maps and command cards. On top of being concise and efficient, the rulebooks are very visually pleasing. Like I mentioned earlier, the Skirmish mode is a blast. At the start of a skirmish, each player also creates a deck of exactly 15 Command cards and the total cost of the Command cards must be 15 or fewer (number on the bottom left of the Command card). Twin Shadows offers a four-mission mini campaign, and Return to Hoth will feature a new, full length campaign comparable to the one in the core set. It’s usually not lucky command cards or rolls that win games, it’s players that know which order to optimally play their units, how to move them, and when to execute their abilities. As soon as the end condition of the mission is met, the Imperial player resolves the End of Mission section of the mission rules. I've been playing through the missions fairly regularly with my friends, and everyone is always genuinely excited to set up each map. I’ve actually been chomping at the bit to review Imperial Assault for a number of months since it’s such a great board game. There are two sources of luck in this game: dice, and campaign events. Would you say that this game then improves on Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Ed in every way? This means that Board Game Resource earns a small commission off of any sales that are made through these links. For most Star Wars fans, the winter of 2017 is showing a lot of promise. I think it’d be great it a lot more games did this; it makes the game a lot less intimidating for someone who doesn’t have a fellow player to teach them. This game is Star Wars, inside and out, through and through. The Star Wars miniatures of Imperial Assault: a review When I heard that Fantasy Flight Games was releasing Imperial Assault, a Star Wars miniature combat game, I became so excited that I darkened my trousers with a rich, fragrant urine. The Best of Fantasy Flight Games. Of course, each mini adds their own personality into these actions; some units can move farther than others, while others excel at attacking. So Imperial Assault, this is going to be written from the perspective of playing this game for two players. While I’ll elaborate a bit more on the tactical possibilities below, it suffices to say that it’s a whole lot of fun making these decisions and seeing a Star Wars story unfold before your eyes. Darth Vader and Diala Passil both have lightsabers, and it’s not uncommon for them to arrive with their lightsabers slightly bent. The back-and-forth nature of turns being the biggest change and improvement. When the last figure of a group is defeated, the opposing player scores VPs equal to that group’s deployment cost. FFG also did this for X-Wing to similar effect. How much interaction is there between the players? After resolving the Status Phase, play proceeds to the next round. Prepare to grab some popcorn if you want to play Imperial Assault, because. This is a conflict game, so expect to be at odds with your opponent – if you don’t like getting aggressive, then Imperial Assault might not be the game for you. Imperial Assault, for the campaign, introduces new, original characters as Rebel heroes, and every single one of them look decidedly Star Wars. Due to the fact that the winners get more spoils, the campaign often suffers from a runaway leader problem. When I first heard that Fantasy Flight Games was making Imperial Assault, I was super excited for a number of reasons. This feels like Star Wars on your tabletop, and that’s exactly what it’s supposed to feel like. Suffice it to say that we highly recommend this game and that you can discover those cool things for yourself by playing. Zach has also enjoys creating digital character art. Something that is so fundamentally asymmetrical and dynamic as this campaign would be hard to perfectly balance, and if you find yourself critiquing the random elements of it, then you might want to reconsider what expectations you have from the campaign. If it continues to be an issue, then the campaign might not be the game for you. This money is used to improve and further build the site. While many of these cards can be played on any unit, a great deal of them apply only to specific units, or unit types. The campaign can be played with up to five players – one Imperial player, and four Rebel players. The game features both a campaign mode and a skirmish game, essentially making it two games in one box. And it’s a blast to play! There are also plenty of other decks of cards such as Mission cards, Agenda cards, Item cards, Supply cards, Reward cards, Command cards, and Condition cards. The game has a line of sight system that dictates which units are capable of seeing (and thus attacking) each other. How do you play the game? Status Phase: After resolving all the figure activations, there are a number of “cleanup” steps during this phase. There are only so many actions available to you, and gaining the most utility out of each one is very important, especially in campaign missions where many missions are timed (eg, the Rebels have six rounds to complete a mission). By playing that, you get a quick feel for how the game works, and then the rest of the learning is just taking in all of the smaller details. Players gain points by defeating units (they gain however many points the unit is worth) or by satisfying objectives on the skirmish map. There are two different ways to play the game: Campaign Mode and Skirmish Mode. there are already eleven add-ons released for Imperial Assault. I like the self-awareness, how the game basically says “look, this game is complicated, but it’s not that bad. Also, I and many others have experienced broken probe droids pic probesout of the box. There is a lot in this box, and it’s just a good time overall. That’s what I love about the game – it provides these great mechanics that make the game enjoyable to play, provides a campaign to give you something different and exciting, and then provides another system, the skirmish game, to take advantage of said mechanics if the campaign ever gets old or if you want to play something more competitive. If each mission lasted an average of two hours, that’s at least twenty hours of playtime per campaign (and I can pretty much guarantee it would be more), and with multiple campaigns, that is more than enough to justify the asking price. There may also be some End of Round effects that will trigger – depending on the Skirmish mission. We’ve already mentioned one of the cool things about Imperial Assault – the addition of a Skirmish mode. I’ve actually been chomping at the bit to review Imperial Assault for a number of months since it’s such a great board game. Hype for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is already picking up speed and unsurprisingly, Electronic Arts will release Star Wars Battlefront II in the run up to Christmas this year. In addition, players have opportunity to purchase new Item cards, Class cards, and Agenda cards that will help them in the rest of the missions of the campaign. They’re not into Star Wars as much. There will be expansion packs, new campaigns, new miniatures, new heroes, on and on. Third, it’s Star Wars! Instead of having four heroes, the Rebels can play with three or two that have more activations than they normally would. Suffice it to say that your characters will get better and the battles more intense as you go through a full campaign. Every skirmish map is unique and has its own set of rules. As usual, the campaign requires a more detailed analysis. Imperial Assault review – The Gamer in me GL-14. All of the missions take place on modular and unique maps. For the uninitiated, it’s an adventure ‘dungeon’ crawling board game set in the Star Wars universe. You can check out his (long neglected) gallery here, or follow him on Instagram at @artworkbyzach! 5. Don’t want to commit to something and keep track of all your upgrades between missions? (Click for more info). The Rebels sure didn’t see THAT coming…. As far as playtime goes, this will vary with your missions. Players then deploy their armies into the Red or Blue Deployment zones on the Skirmish map chosen (simply follow the steps in the Skirmish Guide book) and draw 3 of their Command cards into hand. One example, although I could list a hundred, is the Rebel Troopers. If you kill a nearby stormtrooper, he’ll be removed off the board, etc. Playing Imperial Assault is like playing playing a futuristic game of space chess. Imperial Assault (Review) Posted by Chris Van Dyke on June 27, 2016 July 12, 2016 Someone at Fantasy Fight must have been spent some time tapping my brain back when I was 12 years old, because “Imperial Assault” is the answer to all my teenage fantasies (at least, those that didn’t involve Jim Lee era Psylocke). The Activation Phase of each round is very similar to the Campaign mode with just a few differences.

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