They are mostly peaceful when kept with other similarly sized and tempered fish (except when spawning) and can be kept singly or as a mated pair. All fish benefit from vitamins and supplements added to their foods. The Severums are one of the most popular cichlids in home aquariums. Like their parentage they are open breeders and both parents will care for the young. Photo © Animal-World: Courtesy Giannis R. Author: Carrie McBirney, Clarice Brough CFS, Freshwater Aquarium Setup and Maintenance, Online Dictionary of Aquatic Science Terms, Dr. See more ideas about cichlids, aquarium fish, freshwater fish. The Severum has an iridescent sheen to its scales and off-white to gold background color. This looks like cavities or pits on the head and face. Jungle's Pets and Animal Speak - Newsletter, Freshwater Aquarium Guide: Aquarium Setup and Care, Dr. They prefer a lightly-planted tank with a soft bottom and a few rooted plants. It is raised on a famous fish farm and is called the Super Red Spotted Severum . The Severum is also known as the Banded Cichlid. It often fails to attain this in the aquarium, with 8-10″ (20-25cm) being a more likely size. Some have said adding live feeder crickets to the water helps them to be conditioned to spawn. ), fungal infections, and bacterial infections. How to successfully breed Gold Severum in the aquarium environment. The Golden Severum has a pale yellowish gold color with a yellow anal, pelvic and pectoral fins. Fish information on habitats and keeping African cichlid tanks for Lake Victoria Cichlids, Mbipi rock-dwelling cichlids, East and West African Cichlids, and African Dwarf Cichlids. Contact me via email if interested in aquarium species The sexes can be identified when young, with the female lacking marks on her gills and presenting a smaller body size than the male. Regards, Looking for Aba Aba any size willing to pay a reasonable fee for one or two, I am very familiar with these guys and have the tank space, The Golden Severum is one of a slew of varieties derived from the common and popular Severum Cichlid. They prefer a lightly-planted tank with a soft bottom and a few rooted plants. We currently have purchase options for 1" unsexed fish. The eyes are also yellow in color. You should only buy these if you have similar sized tank mates or a grow out tank for these. Interact with the Red-Spotted Gold Severum Cichlid, as this species will sometimes accept food directly from your hand. They can be kept as a pair or in a South American Cichlid aquarium with other Cichlids who share similar temperament & water parameters. Gold Severums require an aquarium of 55 gallons for a pair and the aquarium should be larger (75-90 gallons) if multiple tank mates are added. They should be provided with a fine sand to smooth gravel substrate and a few structures for shelter (driftwood, rocks, and vegetation) and at least one cave. They are a moderately sized cichlid which reach around 7 3/4 inches (20 cm) in length and have a life span of about 10 years. That being said, do not keep them with fish significantly smaller than themselves or with aggressive fish. Their eyes are yellow as well. Because of their large adult size, it is recommended that they be housed in the largest tank available regardless of their purchase size of 2″ to 6″. The parents will care for them for up to 6 weeks. Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE), which is also called "hole-in-the-head" disease is common with poor water conditions. Severums make good fish for a South American community setup, as long as there are no fish small enough for them to eat. This feature is shared by saltwater damselfish and cichlids are thought to be closely related. The original Severum Cichlid presents a greenish body color with a yellowish gold belly. Mature males that are well fed can develop a nuchal hump. They will accept a fairly wide range of water conditions. It is these bands which gave rise to their common name 'Banded Cichlid'. Do not keep it with aggressive fish. They can be fed green peas (which is a favorite), or zucchini that you have blanched. photo credit Imperial Tropicals . The minimum tank size required for these fish is a 50-gallon tank – single fish. Severum Cichlid varieties are avialable in a wide range of colors and tend to be very inexpenisve, prompting the reference to them as the "poor man's discus." The larger the tank the better. Also note that for this fish to maintain the best coloring you will need to maintain oxygen levels. Video portrays a large and very nicely colored Golden Severum being fed some tropical flake fish food. They prefer an aquarium with dense plant vegetation and lots of shelter spots. Setting up a Saltwater Aquarium. Due to their popularity and successful breeding, the Gold Severum is always available via local retailers and online vendors. Fish Information for South American Cichlids, Central American Cichlids, and Dwarf Cichlids including cichlid care, cichlid breeding, and fish diseases for South American cichlid aquariums.

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