On average, angelfish and neon tetras can live quite well together in a community tank, as long as you get both species when they are small (just babies) and let them grow-up together. While the adults are usually … Member. I currently have a juvenile angelfish. I have two neon tetras (the other three died from a disease about three months ago) in a ten gallon tank. Into the eighth day of life the fish that thrive in the tank will intertwine their water that is very expensive price to the competition angelfish ate neon tetras at an optimal level. Check out whether gouramis and angelfish can live together.). You can use small, dark rocks and pebbles to simulate a riverbed. I keep … The parents will readily feed on the eggs and fry, which makes breeding even harder. Been keeping neon tetras with angelfish for along time myself mate.If you keep enough to make a shoal and if you put them together while the angels are still young there shouldn't be any problem.My tetras coexist with my angels with no problem. So if you’re wondering whether angelfish and neon tetras can live together then here’s the answer. Angelfish can be treated to frozen and live foods to incite spawning. Treatment. Steps to Pet Happiness: Buy a Betta. There are many more fish you can choose for a community. reply #3. While it is crucial to house compatible fish together, fish are unpredictable at times. Angelfish are capable of being territorial even though they are known to be placid. I'd have about 3-5 a.fish and 3 tetras thereabouts, so would they be okay together and not fight or be eating each other? You should always avoid fish species that are hostile or territorial in nature. Some of the most important things to watch out for are making sure the tank is big enough for both of them, and giving them places to hide! Monitoring fish for aggressive behavior is important even though they may be classified as compatible. what kind of food can i use that will change this. It is tricky to breed neon tetras because they demand specific water conditions to mate. Stressed fish may start to nip at other fish’s fins, and this is an unhealthy habit to form as it results in injury and infection. Full-grown Angelfish require large aquariums measuring at 55 gallons as they grow up to be substantially large. Maintain soft water at below 10 dGH and ranging between 3° and 8°  dKH. However, seeing as Rosey Barbs grow considerably larger than tetras, they don't come across as food to angelfish, and because they aren't territorial towards angels either, they don't come across as a threat. Peaceful tetras are also a great pick, like the lemon tetra and the rosy tetra, or algae eaters, like siamese algae eaters, Malaysian trumpet snails, and mystery snails. Omnivorous Neon Tetras in the wild feed on both meat and vegetable or plant-based matter. Based on what I've read, neon tetras are a natural food item for angelfish so you shouldn't keep them together, but I see a lot of videos of the two species combined in community tanks. It is easy to make new angelfish neon tetra friends of all . To enhance the diet, you may offer living or frozen foods such as blood worm, brine shrimp, Daphnia, Tubifex. I was told at my local fish store that Angelfish and Neon tetra would be okay together. Share. Provide light for about 8 – 10 hours per day with a typical aquarium light. Nice choice! Additionally, they should be fed what they are able to finish in 2 – 3 minutes at least twice a day for a well-balanced diet. That said, however, angelfish have been known to chomp and eat smaller schooling fishes such as neon tetras. When you look at your fish. Neon tetras are the natural prey of angelfish in the wild. It didn't work I've had my angels for years and now I added neons (Or other small tetras) and they were eaten. Angelfish are warm-water fish that originate from the amazon. a large tank of 55 gallons or more for a ratio of six Angelfish to 15 fifteen Neon Tetras. (Here’s everything you need to know about. The Neons colors will not be bright at high temperatures and their life span will be shorter. Neons generally like a lower temperature than Angels: <75 vs >78. In captivity, they feed on tropical flakes, color flakes, tropical granules, and shrimp pellets at the surface of the water or mid-water. so i'm getting some angelfish and i wondered if neon tetras would be okay with the angelfish. pH levels should be maintained at between 6.8 and above 7.8. Goldfish Poop – Is It Normal Or Is There Something Wrong? It is best not to put them together. Neon Tetras … Joni. I have had angels with my cardinal tetras forever since they … Angelfish also particularly like aquariums with roots, as they offer … can you help me? This is really late, But I feel like this could help other people wanting to mix fish species. I know in The wild angelfish feed on neons. You can't. Frank. Do not keep angelfish with neon tetras as they are very small and will be targeted as food. Small fish like neon tetras are not recommended as they may be eaten by adult angelfish. Their maximum size once they reach full size is 1,5 inches. Angel fish can tend to be aggressive to tetras I've found, but if you buy Angelfish and Rosey Barb fish at the same time, they work really well. They should, however, not be housed together with other larger or domineering fish species as they are exceptionally submissive and maybe attacked or eaten whole. Neon Tetras, on the other hand, are quite small in size with a remarkably lustrous blue body and vivid red colored tail. 4 Can Angelfish Live with Mollies? (All FAQ’s Answered!). i was wondering if they would go together and will the angelfish eat them? May 10, 2015. Okay, so i've got a tank and everything needed for angelfish. As mentioned above fish like Bettas, Cardinal Tetras, Cory Catfish, Discus Fish, Guppies, White Cloud Minnows, Mollies, Plecostomus, Harlequin Rasboras, Loaches, Hatchetfish, Angelfish, Zebra Danios are ideal fish tankmates for your Neon Tetras. And the black neon tetras are indeed a bit bigger than the normal neon tetra. Please check out our website for more articles on combining fish species plus more! They should be precisely fed as much as they can eat in about 3 minutes. Neon tetras are the natural prey of angelfish in the wild. In this article, we will be discussing whether Angelfish and Neon Tetras may be paired together in an aquarium.

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