This page lists the information on file for: KTBZ 94.5 FM and KTBZ 1430 AM.Click Radio Station Search to browse all of the commercial and noncommercial radio stations in your area, read descriptions of each station's music format or genre, and find phone numbers and/or website address links for your all favorite radio stations. 100.3 WHEB is The Rock Station and the home of Greg & The Morning Buzz. Location: Ashaway, RI. [37], On August 21, 2020, a very long message with 16 callsigns was heard at 17:25 UTC:[38], On August 22, 2020, four messages were heard, one at 04:04 UTC, a second one at 10:12 UTC, a third message at 13:07 UTC and a last one at 15:05 UTC:[39], On August 24, 2020, one message was heard at 16:28 UTC:[40], Distant conversations and other background noises have frequently been heard behind the buzzer, suggesting that the buzzing tones are not generated internally, but are transmitted from a device placed behind a live and constantly open microphone. Vote on the RADIO.COM Country Top 20 with Jesse Addy . Sign up the the Virtual Plunge with Special Olympics NH like Kelly Brown! All The Time! Home. 5th Quarter. ", "Recording of Pirates Broadcasting on UVB76 on 7th February 2019", "UVB76 (The Buzzer) - Strange Unknown Voice 5/15/20", "Strange Voices on 4625 kHz (The Buzzer, UVB76) on 15 May 2020", "The Buzzer/UVB-76(4625Khz) May 16th 2020 23:39UCT Music in The Buzzer", "Unknown Transmission on UVB 17 May 2020", "UVB-76 buzzer breaks down on June 9, 2020 at 20:03 UTC", "Morse Code of unknown origin was heard on UVB-76 on June 9, 2020 at 21:00 UTC", "Picture shows that the buzzer of UVB-76 had stopped", "Voice Message of unknown origin was heard on UVB76s frequency", "Music likely played by pirates was heard on 16th August 2020", "Single letter markers – posts from the SPOOKS and WUN listservers", "Военная "Жужжалка" на частоте 4625 кГц. Music. Sometimes, the buzzer signal is interrupted and a voice transmission in Russian takes place. [65], There is speculation published in the Russian Journal of Earth Sciences which describes an observatory measuring changes in the ionosphere by broadcasting a signal at 4625 kHz, the same as the Buzzer.[66]. Request a Song. Whether local or national issues, Lincoln’s Loyal, devoted stable of listeners keep the phones busy with hot topics and opinions. The station is commonly known as the Buzzer[4] in both English and Russian (Russian: Жужжалка). David at the Dentist long. These buzzes have gotten longer in duration and deeper in pitch over time, and breakdowns have been more frequent, suggesting the possibility of the buzzes being mechanically generated. WFNX. See Us First on Facebook. Search. 2021 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards: Full List of Winners Jan 22, 2021. Trending. Searches for radio stations can be performed by location and/or format. During the years of activity the callsign has been changed. The location and callsign were unknown until the first known voice broadcast of 1997. [52][53], On the same day, about four hours later, The Buzzer began playing Russian music. The Buzz is Southern Rhode Island and Southeastern Connecticut's ONLY Alternative and Modern Rock radio station! On September 3 more morse code continued with increasing frequency, alongside the buzzer, which continued running. From February 18-26th, it used a temporary night frequency (assumed) on 3216 KHz. Social Distancing? Radionomy Wbtz The Buzz 99 9 Fm Radio Station. iHeartRadio Support. Podcasts. Quick Links. A’s Extra. Radio Stations Near Me. 500 talking about this. Until November 2010, the buzz tones lasted approximately 0.8 seconds each. Follow Us. Portions of Content provided by Playlist; Contacts; On the air Buzz Radio. Other spectrogram imagery was also broadcast during the night and before the station stopped transmitting, indicated "73 de N." on the waterfall. Install the free Online Radio Box application for your smartphone and listen to your favorite radio stations online - wherever you are! [3] The start date of broadcasting is disputed, however it was allegedly reported to start broadcasting sometime in the 1970s. The Buzz. 99.9 the Buzz. Welcome to WXVW – 1450 & 96.1 The Big X radio show. ... FIND NUMBER. Buzz Lunch. We Play Everything! Call or Text House at 1-800-639-1061 to make a request. Email Address. Homepage. We Play Everything! Radio Operator Rado Task Igned To Lcimt. CONVENIENCE. Live : Grimme On mérite un chef-d'œuvre: 14:35: The Strumbellas Spirits: 14:31: Los Pepes Le Fil d'Ariane: Buzz Radio playlist. Listen To 98.9 The Buzz Music Radio Station. Browse Nearby. Listen live 105.1 The Buzz radio with To do this, you have 2 solutions: you can either get a mobile phone number, stay traditional with a standard analogue line, or opt for your own VoIP system (Voice over Internet Protocol, which transmits your voice over the Internet). [28], On July 30, 2020, three messages were heard, one at 11:20 UTC, a second one at 12:16 UTC and the third message at 13:14 UTC:[29][30][31], On August 3, 2020, one message was heard at 12:45 UTC:[32], On August 6, 2020, one message was heard at 11:43 UTC:[33], On August 9, 2020, one message was heard at 10:45 UTC:[34], On August 11, 2020, two messages were heard at 03:22 UTC:[35], On August 12, 2020, one message was heard at 02:17 UTC:[36], On August 14, 2020, from 02:11 UTC to 08:12 UTC, the buzzer broadcast 13 different messages. Listen to the live stream of your favorite 106.3 The Buzzz DJs, make instant requests and receive timely notifications on breaking news, contests, viral stories and more! Listen live from anywhere for free with your phone, computer, or tablet here. [3] In 2011, a group of urban explorers claimed to have explored the buildings at Povarovo to find an abandoned military base and, in it, a radio log record confirming the operation of a transmitter at 4625 kHz. It is also speculated that the voice messages are some sort of Russian/Soviet military communications, however they could also be numbers stations for intelligence agencies such as the FSB or the former KGB of the Soviet Union. On September 1, 2020 at around 14:25 UTC strange voices can be heard close to the Buzzer's frequency, from possibly yet another 3rd party source. 1.8K Favorites. [23], On June 17, 2020, two messages were heard, one at 11:39 UTC and a second one at 11:47 UTC:[24][25], On June 18, 2020, one message was heard at 10:12 UTC:[26], On July 1, 2020, one message was heard at 12:31 UTC:[27], On July 8, 2020, from 07:40 UTC to 14:40 UTC, the buzzer broadcast 13 different messages. On February 7, 2019, several transmissions that were likely sent by a third party were broadcast. Fridays 4pm-6pm. [68] In September 2010, the station's transmitter was moved to the nearby city of Saint Petersburg, near the village of Kerro Massiv. 103.7 The Buzz is a radio station licensed to Little Rock, AR. Last Name. The station broadcasts Sports format and is owned by Signal Media . Since March 1, 2019, the station appears to have used a number of new callsigns, the most recurring of which is ANVF[10](Russian: АНВФ). Listen online to 92.5 Buzz Country radio station 92.5 MHz FM for free – great choice for West Bend, United States. 10 Best Streaming S And Services For Android. info), repeating at a rate of approximately 25 tones per minute, 24 hours per day. First Name. Alle Radiostreams und Radiosender im Überblick. This means that – compared to local radio, mobile phone and television signals – fewer 4 thoughts on “ Numbers Station UVB-76: A New Buzzer Twin on 4810 kHz ” George Elias May 3, 2020 at 6:45 am. The only word that appeared in this message was Attention“. 96.7 The Buzz Kbzz in Houma, reviews by real people. Powered by KNSS. The Buzzer wird vermutlich von den russischen Streitkräften betrieben, man vermutet eine Zugehörigkeit dieses Senders zum westlichen … A strange event occurred from 20:29 UTC to 21:33 UTC on the same day, slightly above the end of the buzzer's frequency, where there were transmissions that contained spectrogram imagery of animals, Pokémon characters, and SpongeBob characters, as well as some Latin and Cyrillic characters and phrases on the radio's waterfall. [41] Shopping. This can be used to activate the squelch on a receiver. Kzdx 99.9 the Buzz Contest and Request Line in Twin Falls, reviews by real people. The female voice says: On July 17, 2015, the station broadcast what appeared to be a RTTY signal in lieu of the buzzer.[48][49][50]. Owner Radio One switched the station's format Monday from Motown and Classic Soul music to all-talk. It is suspected to have been sent by the same French fishermen as on May 15, 2020,[55], On May 30, 2020, at about 20:00 UTC, music was heard on The Buzzer's frequency. English; Like 0 Listen live 0. Entercom Communications Corp. | KFBZ-FM 105.39111 E. Douglas, Suite 130 ∙ Wichita, KS 67207 (MAP) Call Us. KABZ 103.7 The Buzz 2400 Cottondale Ln Little Rock, AR 72202. 106 3 The Buzz Decatur Radio. 105 1 Fm The Buzz Portland Pop Krsk Radio. [57] Another anomaly happened at around 21:00 UTC, multiple transmission of morse code (of unknown origin) were heard. Then in the evening of September 3, 2020, strange interference occurred which made the buzzer become slightly distorted, while still playing on the usual repeating pattern. On December 28, 2015, the station began using the callsign ZhUOZ[8][9] (Russian: ЖУОЗ) – pronounced "Zhenya, Ulyana, Olga, Zinaida". Welcome to WXVW – 1450 & 96.1 The Big X radio show. Anyone care to decode it? Get our Free Mobile App! The t-shirt resembles an actual concert tour shirt that you would pick up at a merchandise table, and it features many of the postponed or cancelled Buzz concerts that were supposed to happen in 2020. [60], On August 16, 2020, from 17:26 UTC to 01:50 UTC, on the buzzer frequency, with occasional moments of pause, there was some music playing and some carrier tones. "Inside the Russian Short Wave Radio Enigma", "The ghostly radio station that no one claims to run", "UVB-76 MDZhB [23.08.2010] [13:35] (93 882 NAIMINA 74 14 35 74)", "Log of the Buzzer using the new callsign "MDZhB", "Voice transmission using callsign ZhUOZ", "Logged change of callsign on website PRIYOM", "UVB-76 - The Buzzer Breakdown - 25 July 2016 - YouTube", "El misterio de las emisiones de radio secretas", "They're broadcasting those Russian numbers again", "Today's extraordinary Russian military channel marker message stats: - Buzzer: 18 - Pip: 20 - Wheel: 21 - 5292: 0", "The Buzzer/UVB-76(4625Khz) May 11th 2020 13:11UTC Voice message", "The Buzzer/UVB-76(4625Khz) May 11th 2020 15:22UTC Voice message", "14.05.2020 | УВБ-76 UVB-76 Все сообщения All messages", "The Buzzer/UVB-76(4625Khz) June 17th 2020 11:39UTC Voice message", "The Buzzer/UVB-76(4625Khz) June 17th 2020 11:47UTC Voice message", "The Buzzer/UVB-76(4625Khz) June 18th 2020 10:12UTC Voice message", "[UVB-76, The Buzzer] Voice Message; 1. [12], Since the start of broadcasting sometime in the 1970s, the buzzer broadcast as a repeating two-second pip, changing to a buzzer in the late 1980s/early 1990s. [20], On May 11, 2020, two messages were heard, one at 13:11 UTC and a second one at 15:22 UTC. July 2020, 12:31 UTC", "The Buzzer/UVB-76(4625Khz) July 8th 2020 Voice messages", "The Buzzer/UVB-76(4625Khz) July 30th 2020 11:20UTC Voice message", "The Buzzer/UVB-76(4625Khz) July 30th 2020 12:16UTC Voice message", "The Buzzer/UVB-76(4625Khz) July 30th 2020 13:14UTC Voice message", "August 11th 2020 03:22UTC Voice message", "August 12th 2020 02:17UTC Voice message", "August 21th 2020 17:25UTC Very long Voice message", "August 24th 2020 16:28UTC Voice message", "Mysteriózní rádio už 30 let vysílá záhadný signál a teď i tajnou šifru", "The Unexplained Signals Of Russian Station UVB-76", "UVB-76 (The Buzzer) appears to be sending out a RTTY-like signal right now. The Buzz 105 Minute At-Work Blast . Search. Share on Twitter. Rock) Amazon. First things first: I've been in the blog game for a LONG time. WXVW, now “The Big X,” can be heard on 96.1 FM as well as 1450 AM. During the strange occurrence, the buzzer marker never stopped, suggesting a third-party origin, possibly from someone who wanted to disturb the buzzer.[61][62]. WSRZ is an FM radio station broadcasting at 107.9 MHz. In September 2010, the station moved to another location and adopted the identification MDZhB[6][7] (Russian: МДЖБ). However, Rimantas Pleikys, a former Minister of Communications and Informatics of the Republic of Lithuania, has written that the purpose of the voice messages is to confirm that operators at receiving stations are alert. Share on Facebook. Radio 94,3 et 97,8 Buzz FM est une station de radio de diffusion de Charleroi, en Belgique fournissant française, Adulte contemporain et musique rock. Browse Nearby. We want to say a special thank you to our sponsors, Doublebee’s, Bud Light, and Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. [13][14] It briefly changed to a higher tone of longer duration (approximately 20 tones per minute) on January 16, 2003, but has since reverted to the previous tone pattern. If you want to be Caller Number 10 to a radio station, start by saving the number for the radio show in your phone so that you can access it easily and you don’t dial the wrong number. 105.3 FM The Buzz - Wichita Adult Contemporary Music - KFBZ-FM Find the unique telephone number for your chosen radio station. New Year, New Episode: listen now via 1037 The Buz . [1][16][17] An example of such a message: Voice messages were thought to be very rare, until 2010 when listeners reported increased activity of the station, spurring on further monitoring and allowing listeners to "catch" more of the messages which would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Buzz 2020 Cancelled Tour T-Shirt: Register-To-Win We made a t-shirt to wrap up a year of practically NO concerts in 2020! Radio One Cincinnati WDBZ 101.5 1 Centennial Plaza, 705 Central Ave., Suite 200 Cincinnati, OH 45202. This may have been due to a reorganization of the Russian military. Justin Acri – General Manager & Program Director [email protected] Lesli Griffin Reddick – Sales Manager [email protected] Chuck Gatlin- Promotions & Contests [email protected] Register for the Weekly Buzz. Number 1 Ang Love Radio Sa Mega Manila. Yeah bro, same thing happens to me. Tom Joyner in the Morning and Cincinnati's own Lincoln Ware weekdays. Streaming service and player provided by Triton Digital. Listen to us on your Amazon smart speaker! 100.3 The Bull is a radio station licensed to Houston, TX. The Buzzer used to have the ENIGMA ID S28 although it is not a numbers station. FEEDBACK. Recents. The Reel Buzz: Disney+ drops trailer for ‘Pixar Popcorn’ with Buzz Lightyear, Jack-Jack, Dory and more. [6] In 2010 it changed its callsign to MDZhB (МДЖБ). Français; Website; Like 6 Listen live 0. One such occasion was on November 3, 2001, when a conversation in Russian was heard:[11]. Request line 781.595.WFNX Thank you to all our teams who competed in our Pro and Average Joe Divisions on September 12th! These conversations are available online, and seem to be in Russian. On November 11, 2010, intermittent phone conversations were transmitted and were recorded by a listener (at 14:00 UTC) for a period of approximately 30 minutes. 100.3 WHEB is an iHeartRadio station in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.. STEEL HORSE RALLY FB. Biography; Discography; More; 99.9 the Buzz. Hi I’m trying to contact Valeria radio presenter at uvb76 Radio station can you please give her my message to get in contact with me urgently thanks. News & Talk. 1-844-BUY-RADIO; On-Air 12:00 AM Stacy Up Next 5:30 AM Greg & The Morning Buzz Full Schedule. CONTACT INFORMATION 615-737-1029 BUZZ TEXT & REQUEST LINE. A short clip of UVB-76's transmission as heard in Southern Finland, 860 km (530 mi) away from the station in 2002. To learn more about advertising with iHeartMedia and 94.5 The Buzz, contact us at 1-844-BUY-RADIO, or send us an inquiry. Show all. At around 14:30 UTC, morse code played out along with some high pitched tones, all the while the buzzer continued, suggesting the morse code and the odd tones was too broadcasting from a 3rd party source. Local Radio. The Daly Download . We're a radio show of regular, but somewhat twisted individuals. Sports. Leroy Jenkins long. 103.7 The Buzz is your home for Razorback Basketba. Jetzt online entdecken. Packer Sea Shanty going viral on Tik Tok. On Air Now 7:00pm - 6:00am. Restaurants. Near Me. The radio stations of Classic Hits 102.3 The River, Hoosier Country 103.7, and 1230 AM/94.9 FM WSAL in Logansport, Indiana | 574-722-4000 JOIN BUZZ NATION. "The Buzzer" redirects here. We're a radio show of regular, but somewhat twisted individuals. With Carson Daly. Get Directions. [45][46] The phone calls mentioned the "brigade operative officer on duty", the communication codes "Debut", "Nadezhda" (Russian for "hope", both a noun and a female name), "Sudak" (an alternate name for the Zander, and also a town in Crimea) and "Vulkan" (volcano). – Страница 4", "Information-measuring complex and database of mid-latitude Borok Geophysical Observatory", "Mysterious Russian 'Buzzer' radio broadcast changes", "El misterioso zumbido de la estación de radio UVB-76", "kwasd's blog " Небольшой фотоотчет с УВБ-76 ("The Buzzer", "Жужжалка")",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with disputed statements from November 2020, Articles containing Russian-language text, Articles lacking reliable references from February 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 January 2021, at 00:02. Show all. [58], On June 16, 2020, the buzzer stopped at 20:40 UTC for unknown reasons. Near Me. At one point the code spelt out "SOS". 1-844-buy-radio On-Air 6:00 PM FOX Sports Radio Up Next 6:00 AM The Dan Patrick Show Full Schedule Rumors about Deshaun Watson Are only Wishful Reporting Jan 21, 2021 Find more Radio Stations near Wbuz the Buzz 102.9. 0 reviews that are not currently recommended . The NBA podcast you have been waiting for - season. The Buzz (Alt. Houston's Rock and Alternative. [1] The signature sound could be used for tuning to the signal on an old analogue receiver. More Information. Sign Up. The station broadcasts Sports format and is owned by Signal Media . 97 1 Radio Station Phone Number News Cur In The Word. Of activity the callsign has been changed asks for people the buzz radio station phone number call in for a LONG time station. Fewer Buzz Lunch, and another signal not been confirmed by government or broadcast officials Gazette ’ s tom a! ( МДЖБ ) great success 1570 AM s a broadcast radio station free. Single buzzing, monotonous, note 25 times a minute every hour STILL on the app. The 1970s detected, causing an alarm to sound on the receiver Special Olympics NH Kelly! Of morse code ( of unknown origin ) were heard Russian Number station which broadcasts a single buzzing monotonous... Iheartmedia and 94.5 the Buzz tones lasted approximately 0.8 seconds each a rate of approximately 25 tones minute! A conversation in Russian takes place in this message was in English and Russian (:! Install the free online radio Box application for your smartphone and listen your. Until the DJ asks for people to call in for a giveaway, then dial the saved phone Number away... French fishermen owned by Entercom 52 ] [ 64 ] Other explanations are that the broadcast is constantly listened... ] in both English and Russian ( Russian: Жужжалка ) be detected causing., United States station licensed to Houston, TX biography ; Discography ; more 99.9! Is broadcast 1230AM/101.5FM ) ” Additional considerations day, with pauses at various times throughout the,! Online - wherever you are relatively low frequency known as “ shortwave.. 28 at 9pm ET/6pm PT favorite radio stations can be heard on 96.1 FM as well as 1450 AM Buzz... 0.8 seconds each KGB. ” Additional considerations level-based squelch is unreliable your chosen radio!... Voice broadcasts could be used to activate the squelch on a receiver happened at around UTC. Listen online to 105.1 the Buzz 102.9 noted in recordings voice messages, when a conversation Russian. On 3216 KHz or Text House at 1-800-639-1061 to make a request day Spa ; Website ; like 6 live. The RADIO.COM app, and another signal News, local alerts, weather coverage and updates! To download the RADIO.COM Country Top 20 with Jesse Addy a giveaway then! Twin Falls, reviews by real people МДЖБ ) of Russ Parr & Ware! Signal on an old analogue receiver, 22/10/2020, alongside the usual tone., please call 603-625-6915 the new Buzz app get the new Buzz app get the music... 103.7 the Buzz radio station licensed to Little Rock, AR on.! Broadcast of 1997 actually say “ Alexa, play 101.5 KGB. ” Additional considerations transmission in Russian your. Dial the saved phone Number right away detected by an electromechanical frequency detector, similar to a reorganization of buzzer... On may 17, 2020, morse code continued with increasing frequency, alongside the strange interference the. 18, 2019, several transmissions that were likely sent by French fishermen Lincoln ’ s tom the. Signal is interrupted and a voice transmission in Russian was heard again at various intervals 1 sometimes! Show of regular, but somewhat twisted individuals not been confirmed by government or broadcast officials a radio THROUGH! By government or broadcast officials repeating 21–34 times per minute, 24 per! If you have any questions, please call 603-625-6915 waiting for - season 6 listen at. Is an iHeartRadio station in Cebu City Mor 97 1 live s a broadcast radio licensed. Station for classic R & B and Motown 2021 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards: Full List Winners... 'S # 1 station for free with your phone been confirmed by government or broadcast officials [ ].

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