This document also allows teams to assess reasons for project failures. Step two of the lessons learned process is to document and share findings. Brief your sponsor and the governance tier of your project. The lessons learned document contains information about all the project life-cycle processes but most important the Executing and Controlling processes. A Lessons Report has to be created at the end of the project during the Closing a Project process. While the finalization of a formal lessons learned document is completed during the project closeout process, capturing lessons learned should occur throughout the project lifecycle to ensure all information is documented in a timely and accurate manner. Erfahre, warum und wie du lessons learned aus deinen Projekten dokumentieren kannst. Follow-up on actions that you allocated at the end of the meeting. Lessons Learned in project management is a good method for the conscious and sustainable generation of knowledge from experience. They are taken into account when initiating another project. Include: Good practice recommendations ; Action points; Don’t forget to emphasize the positives; Circulate your document to the team. #1 Lessons Learned Benefit: A lessons learned document indicates project success and failures. Version: 0.0
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