I have a good friend, English, well to do…. From all of the evidence we’ve seen, Hilaria grew up as a wealthy, privileged American woman in Boston, in a family with a long history in America. Yesterday I felt drained and so frustrated, however I’ve learned so much from so many people that I felt I needed to keep trying. I think that whole storyline was Tina Fey knowing what was going on. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we … Even *if* she swindled him when they started dating, I feel like the lie would unravel fairly quickly. Including Spainish, Italian, and Greek. We show you how the language works. She’s not the first or last person to put on an accent in their real lives and overstate their ties to some other culture they wished they had grown up with. Alec got angry and used F* argument. Yes, thank you for the clarity that you brought to Hilaria’s “clarity.” I, too, can’t believe anyone was defending her. I was appalled. I mentioned in the other thread in the wee hours of the morning that whiteness in America is a legal thing, which allows certain sectors of society to be treated as superior and keep others oppressed. 🧐. And I saw on the deux moi IG someone said that his team flagged Hilaria for being suspicious and he fired them, lol. Anyway, I don’t recall what her surname was before she took up with Baldwin. Your face changes a bit. Speaking English with a bad Spanish accent is straight up being an asshole even if she is fluent in Spanish. We also consider white to be white, whether thats white British, French, Spanish and so on. I find it pretty cool that 20 years later, people still, Seeing the house de-exed can be a shock, and you'll, The project is designed to ensure that users, The kind that reminds you first thing in the morning of everything else you. She decided to cosplay Penelope to get Alec’s attention, and everyone finally caught on. margin: auto; Same. I have a friend who knew her in the ballroom dancing scene when she decided to be a celebrity gold-digger (her words, apparently) and changed her name to sound more “exotic.” My friend told me about this YEARS ago, I assumed it was common knowledge because I don’t keep up with these people. I’m latina and personally find this story mildly amusing but boring already. I wonder what year she started using the accent? This story is peak 2020. Haha! When someone who has been mocked by their accent tells you why this hurts, and you still try to explain to them that “it’s not that bad nor racist” then what does that tell you about them? The video of her mom stumbling over calling her “Hilaria” is telling. I sort of love this story, it’s great end-of-2020 gossip and I always enjoy when phonies get called out. @ Amy Too But at some point he had to have figured out the truth. This woman has been wildly waving red flags over her head for years. Not sure that religion can be brought into the “white” question. Slight clarification: her parents aren’t retired in Spain. YO. He sold his home in Notting Hill and he moved to Spain for the same reason: taxes, and a much lower cost of living. We understand enough, and when we need help, we simply ask—in Spanish, of course. Not all Spaniards look like Penelope Cruz, not all Australians look like Margot Robbie, etc. @ LUCY 2-THANK YOU!!!!!! Race is a social construct, for sure, and we see that super clearly in discussion threads like these that completely ignore the presence of non-white peoples in “white spaces,” such as whole continents that also have populations of non-white peoples. I’m so bored with quarantine and I’ve been following this since Pajiba posted the viral Twitter thread that bought this to light on Dec. 23. But she has said she was from Mallorca which at the time she was supposedly growing up there would mean that the main language she would have been taught would be Catalan. She then talks about how people ask to hire her because she speaks Spanish. There’s just no way he didn’t know between all the paperwork and living together for 10 years. All the weird racial and immigrant contracts people are putting on this says more about this country’s weird fixation with degrees of “whiteness” and the idea that all immigrants are poor. Which to me, makes it even funnier he then fell for it in real life too! Great distraction tho. So I guess that was Spanish adjacent enough for Alec. And to appropriate the negative experiences of others for her own gain is despicable. Thank you for understanding. That’s one remake of a film that I would pay money for. She obviously has spent time in Spain because she speaks Spanish very well. agreed. Right, but the culture she was appropriating was European Spanish, not Latin American. Why did he go along with this con? I’m sorry Cee. David L. Thomas Jr wrote in a 2015 blog post for International Integrators, “My path in life has been heavily influenced by Spanish language and culture, and not because I have an iota of latin blood in my veins.”. @SMS: Kobe’s girls wouldn’t be confused because they haven’t been raised to believe that they and their mother are something they aren’t. When we wish we had a better version of something, e.g. Alec says in part, “You have to consider the source. I’ve learned to listen to those telling their stories, especially when the issue at hand is about them and not me. How many celebs lie about their age, upbringing, etc.? And that’s not even getting into him being a shitty husband. It all had to play out behind closed doors. This isn’t some people going “I heard from a friend who’s neighbour’s cousin’s ex’s brother heard that Hillaria is pretending”, the source was Hillaria herself. But the facts are she’s simply not Spanish, grew up in Massachusetts, and lied about everything. I read that he had a unrequited crush on a real Spaniard, Penelope Cruz. She’s convinced her kids they’re Spanish, with Spanish names and all. Bored. And what the heck does it mean to have “American blood?” or “Mexican blood?” or “Irish blood?” or “Add-a-country-here blood?” Does that “blood” negate the individual’s nationality or life-long culture that they were raised in? Her accent is not native spaniard to my native spaniard ears AT ALL, she sounds like an american. Someone who knew her in high school called her on it. He seems to be wrapped around her finger. She is a white girl from Boston who grew up there and was rich enough to vacation in Spain, so she portrays herself as having two cultures and being the beauty of diversity (these are her words, not mine). I’m a mixed race English person. This isn’t just some funny story where a rich woman gets caught out- this is someone who took space from actual Latinas and lied deliberately. Absolutely! They gave me a new perspective on this story, and I’m truly thankful you took the time to write and share with us. It would be hilarious if one of them cracks and spills it ALL. “Latin,” for example. Or do I have that wrong? How is this even possible…dear God…. I was astounded at the lengths some non-immigrants, white Europeans and generally white people went to to explain why Hilary’s con is not infuriating nor cultural appropriation. But Hilaria isn’t one of them. She also posted on IG about how she’s mistaken for her kids’ nanny because she “isn’t blond and blue eyed” and speaks Spanish with them. But any anti vaxx garbage is just that, garbage. Did Dolezal dress Black & try to get a job as a cleaning woman in an old folk’s home? Many Latin Americans are of Native American descent – you can’t get more American looking than that! As to your own example of people using accents that are not their own, you’re completely entitled to your opinion, but there are also very big cultural conversations happening about whether or not non-Asian people should have access to those accents, which I’m sure you’re aware of. They just had a hard time understanding why anyone would date a Baldwin. I still haven’t healed and so much of my history is still unknown. They need to live the drama they perceive and create. Page Six has a story where Hilarious Hilaria was, just 30 days ago, talking on her podcast about how she loved the brand Zara “before I came to this country.” Bish you were born, raised and likely conceived in Massachusetts. She clearly dragged them into the whole sham. He also sent a woman to the Oscars on his behalf who he hired to pretend to be Native American when she literally wasn’t. Thus far, the tabloid press is reporting this as warring public opinion as opposed to this woman is an utter fake. Thanks I feel the same. Making her a perfect reflection of wealthy, white Americans, like Alec. Their social security checks go a lot farther. This is such a hot mess and I am thoroughly enjoying it. So wrong. Wow! Whatever makes Hilaria happy is his motto, and how dare we question her story and lies. Americans have made it a racial term but there is no Hispanic race. Spanish would have been her second language. If you could just explain why people shouldn’t be racist, why their perceptions are wrong or inaccurate, we wouldn’t need racist anymore but ooooobbbviously…. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; And amy re posted the photo as a happy holidays from me and my baby like spoof. Hispanic comes from the ancient name for Spain and all Spaniards identify as Hispanic but for them it’s a cultural and It’s like Eva Longoria has said – she’s 9th generation* American and people still perceive her as the daughter of Mexican immigrants. I heard her speak Spanish and she speaks it very well! Most pictures of him with his wife and kids are on the red carpet or photo ops. My parents and most of my family are immigrants with Indian accents…yes, at times in the past they have been discriminated against or made fun of for their accents. Interesting you should mention her because that’s the area I graduated high school from and she’s not wrong at all. It is all about what Spain did to their Jewish population, either expelling them for their religious beliefs, or forcing conversion on them. Alec lied to his x Kim Basinger- told her he was a vegetarian, into “clean living”. I know I’ve done it with one country in particular LOL But to erase her own nationality and ancestry? She is disgusting, and so are the people saying things like, “Oh, well, Spain colonized others, so she didn’t do anything wrong.” Like this idiot took time to figure out Spain’s past. Some twitter posts say Hilary “isn’t” a Rachel Dolezal, but I disagree. She faked a come-and-go thick Spanish accent and built an entire persona as a Spanish immigrant yoga studio owner, Instagram influencer and celebrity wife. My mom came here when she was pregnant with me. I think that immigrants in America are minorities no matter where they come from. #gallery-1 .gallery-item { Not really. So cloying & cringeNEss. She’s not THAT big of a celebrity – it’s the holidays – people are bored and want something to laugh at, but she LOVES the attention. The child support check would be huge though…. He had to have realized when their marriage papers and legal documents said Hillary. There’s nothing “Spanish” about her other than she speaks it and her parents retired to Mallorca ten years ago. Sorry but I think this is much ado about nothing. I can’t imagine how time consuming it must be to keep up a charade like that when loose ends are always going to pop up. Didn’t Marlon Brando divorce a woman who claimed to be foreign, only that was elaborate lie? This is fun gossip, yes. So can Kennedy. I’m not one for “cancel culture” but this woman clearly deserves it. I am loving this crazy story way more than I should! She pretended to be a white person from a European country. My mom wanted me to talk like the people on TV, so all of my relatives spoke to me in English when I was little. Plus her mom could be Spanish heritage. I’ve met many people who moved there and assimilated so if she wants to say she’s bicultural it doesn’t bother me. Just speaking for myself as someone who has lived in Texas her whole life, I consider anything European as white. Spanish mountaineer Sergi Mingote has died while climbing K2, the world's second highest summit, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced Saturday. We offer both Spanish group classes and private lessons for adults in a relaxed atmosphere. I have a perfectly fine eastern coast accent, doesn’t mean I’m from NYC. On behalf of my mother and my family, thank you for explaining to those who refuse to understand. I am not making up details that do not exist. She changed her name to Anna Kashfi and ethnicity to Indian to further her modelling career. SMS, in the United States, people are treated poorly if they speak with a Spanish accent, AND her CAA profile said that she was born in Majorca. Basically North Western Europe. She did though, she pretended to be Latina specifically in her relationship with Latina and Hola magazines. So I’m gonna guess Hillary begged her mom to get in on it. Maybe we also do that with the British, Irish, Australians, Canadians, South African, etc but certainly not as much. I'm really appreciative of all the help you've given me. What is sad is that the darker features are not as admired as the lighter features. Birds of a damn feather. We might say we are half of something and half of something else. Believe her that what? His extremely contentious divorce and post-divorce relationship with Kim Basinger clearly affected his relationship with his oldest daughter, and no one would want that to happen with the younger kids. #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { But let’s be real: most people don’t want to believe that they’ve been conned by their intimate partner. I always “say” it that way in my head. I have light brown skin, I’m not white. However, a lot of people do not want to listen, perhaps because they’re afraid that if they do they’ll realise they are at fault, too. I also think that this whole Spanish, Latina, White, POC conversation is really more of a reflection of how many Americans can’t be bothered to respect the fact that Spanish speakers come from a variety of different countries, cultures, races, social classes etc. I’d have been exhausted. This is totally nuts that she’s convinced her kids she is Spanish or “different” and used it to elicit sympathy. I think the kids have token names as well…I mean…commitment. We can all learn to do better. I think they have been a bit irresponsible in this, or he’s been irresponsible and she’s been trying to fill a void in her soul – combined with the fake identity, it’s starting to look a bit sinister. I feel like he was totally taken in, and that’s because he doesn’t seem to do much, family-wise. You love to see it. Again, to the non-Americans, yes, most of us know that Spain isn’t a poor country. Phaedra you’ve got my ROFL LMFAO 🤪 🤣…even though you walked back with the “Peaches” reference I still think your plural point is gold. Her face looked really tweaked and generic Botox rich wife now which I find so predictable once a woman gets a rich husband. This dumb broad didn’t grow up with that. It was primarily meant to group together Spanish-speaking people from Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Cuba (the three largest groups at that time) but of course included people from Latin American countries. Because I read a comment on a blog from a lady saying Hillary didn’t have an accent when she met her in 2009. But when he knew is a big factor in that…..well, when he knew and when he accepted the truth. POPSTAR Lyrics: Bitches / We The Best Music / Another one (Yeah) / DJ Khaled / Bitches callin' my phone like I'm locked up, nonstop / From the plane to the fuckin' helicopter, yeah / Cops pullin That’s not true. I’m sorry, but this is more bonkers than Hilaria’s clarification video. Maybe she thinks as she is pretending to Spanish she has to pretend to be Catholic, and obvs, all Catholics have loads of children and don’t believe in birth control! For starters, unlike English, double negatives in Spanish don’t make a positive. That article is nuts. We use our own teaching approach: the Graf Method. Women like Hilarious Dolezal give me a migraine, and the people who don’t understand why also give me a migraine. That’s only $10 per week for your entire family to be speaking Spanish if your boxes come every two … It’s evident that Spanish is not her mothertongue and yet she makes all this charade to pretend it is. ‘wearing brown like a badge of honor’ reminds me of blake lively } Two people I do not want to see in 2021, Hilaria and Lori Laughlin. Apparently her perceived status as the ultimate STAH mother makes her untouchable??? The times he referred to her as his Spanish wife? Every time I read her name I would think: “No parent in 200,000 years of human history has named their child ‘Hilaria,’ the plural Latin word for parties.” It was the plural that ticked me. Make me feel at home?? Possibly fueled by mental illness? There is no you “before” you arrived on U.S. soil. She admitted she’s a “white girl” with many different heritages/origin countries in her, and is not actually 100% (or any part?) My South American father has a perfect Midwest accent. I’m a Latina (PR) from the Bronx. Everyone else who is “treated white” but wants to NOT be seen as “basic” walks in the door proclaiming to be Jewish Greek Spanish Portuguese Native American Grandma etc. If he made any attempt to get to know her parents prior to marrying her, I’m sure he would have learned that she grew up in Boston. Most of the world is considering the source.. your wife, Hillary. “white” is how America treats anyone other than w/ obviously not white skin. Like dolezal, she took the “glamorized” version of an ethnicity. It’s like Lori Loughlin who tried to defend her actions. Where would the twenty of them go??? a newer phone, this proverb is a reminder that we are lucky to have the thing in the first place, and that if we can’t have the better version, we should be happy with what we … How are we just finding out. I bet even her hair colour is fake. NO they both took on the privileged accepted version of stolen ethnicity- the ones who’s cleaning grandfathers sweat for to give their children the opportunity to have an empowered role in society- a fitness teacher, an activist/lecturer. And her fans are defending her and calling her a great mom. Me too! She is White Mountain Apache and Yaqui on her father’s side. If you ever saw the movie The Warriors, it is based on this guy Yellow Benji, who found out his parents were descended from two of them, and lived in fear, even in NYC. I spent the entirety of my summers in the UK, France, or Thailand from first grade to 10th, but I don’t tell people I lived or grew up in those countries. What I don’t get is he never met her parents? The bigger problem that I see, and that I shared on the other thread, is that her behavior is something white, typically wealthy, people are “allowed” to do easily and often while actual Brown and Black people are discriminated against, assaulted, and have been killed for having *real* accents, because they *actually* come from a place where English is not the first spoken language. They said he was a total dick, and no one could stand him-but he was actually very kind to their little kids. In business & at church, encouraged to change names “cuz it’s easier” from the beautiful Enrico & Aurellia to —Harry and Esther. It is lifted my spirits after a sad christmas at the end of an awful year. The churning out of children speaks to a larger problem with this women and her constant need for attention and publicity. Spanish accents are definitely treated as minorities in America. Or journalists who were POC. Agree with you. He has an army of children with her, what’s he gonna do at this point? And there is a ton of evidence that she works her brown cred regularly on her Instagram account. So she is a white lady, who speaks Spanish quite well! He’s only a democrat due to the family. Honestly, you’d have to have a rich family to fall back on if your job was Yoga instructor and then Alec Baldwin’s wife. It’s Hitler-esque. I know I’m going completely OT here, but wasn’t his preacher character on Knots Landing (yes, I’m an old as Michael K would say) a duplicitous nut? There’s no way he could have married/had kids with this woman if he didn’t know. Her family? My guess is Alec knew exactly where she was from, but didn’t give a rat’s ass about her twisting the truth. He’s definitely tweeting his little fingers off on this. You talk about the situation as if “poor” Alec doesn’t know where babies come from. We also consider white to be white, whether thats white British, French, Spanish and so on. I can see how she could pull off her Hilaria with an accent persona for a while, at least. It’s just all so bizarre. It seems pathological. My mother is an immigrant from DR and while I don’t think she has an accent, at all, it’s clear to me that to others she does have one, based on some horrific stories she’s told me and observations from friends. Thank you, Hillaria and Alec. Anyone who pretends to be something they’re not for any sort of gain—and Hillary very clearly used her so-called “exotic” backstory to not only score Alec Baldwin, but also media attention and before that yoga clients—is, “how you say in English?,” perpetrating a fraud. Not to mention that if her “confession” includes her saying, “I’m just a white girl” or whatever her exact words were, she’s implying that she was playing at being “not-white” previously. Aint that the TRUTH. They are transparently not Spanish. I sort of wish there was an upvoting system because I would have been giving up you upvotes throughout the thread. No big fake lips, no big fake cheeks, etc. And I still maintain that some of this is judged based on the majority religion of the country, with Protestant countries being the “most white” and Catholic, Greek/Russian Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim majority countries being “less white” because those other religions are “more exotic” and anything “exotic” can’t quite be white. I’ve been lurking on her posts and so many have come to her defense, telling her to “ignore the haters because she’s a good mom.” I admittedly don’t know too much about her apart from what’s come to light about her con and the fact that she’s been married to AB for close to a decade. The term has become so pervasive that I read a tweet from someone in the UK who said that two younger colleagues, from Spain, self-identified as Hispanic. The version that is NOW accepted as beautiful/sexy/alluring/exotic. @Leducduswaz gonna disagree- grandparents both native Spanish speakers & were absolutely harassed in America in the 50s, called “spics” as in “spic english”? Spanish speakers are as diverse as English speakers who range from Australian aboriginals to native Americans to South Africans to White British. I’m just bilingual and developed that particular accent. It DOES speak to how horrible racism is here. My favorite part is the article where “Hilaria” claims that her Massachusetts and Vermont-born, lifelong American, Ivy League-educated and professional parents couldn’t pronounce the Anglo-Irish name “Baldwin”, https://twitter.com/booogiebooo/status/1343664478345457667?s=20, That 2014 Vanity Fair article is over the top. The Penelope cosplay is so creepy, honestly. But the most hilarious part is, she might be pretending to be Spanish, but European Spaniards are white, they are not indigenous people who were conquered and had all their valuables stolen. She definitely has some serious issues. At the end of the day, Hilary brought to the surface a lot of social injustices that occur daily. Here’s the long-ass Instagram Alec posted: A post shared by Alec Baldwin (@alecbaldwininsta). The French, Italians and Greeks do this. Their posts seemed so weird to me. Not just the lying. I’m wondering if this is an American vs European thing. She pretended to be someone she was not. It was almost a mix of British and Italian? Live employees say they feel appreciated and respected as they help their customers buy and sell homes. I had no idea she was supposed to have been from Spain. She admitted she came to New York, not America, for the first time when she was 19. Wait, isn’t an immigrant a minority in the US? And if this were to be the case, she would not be alone. But lots of the discussions here are worthy to have. Methinks girlfriend has some issues. What is “American” really? This helped land her a Baldwin and she has 5 kids because she knows he will divorce her. Naming her kids Spanish names is one thing; perpetuating a myth is another. This story brings me back to the Celebitchy of yore. Are we as a society that obsessed with racial or ethnic purity that we can only identify ourselves by our DNA? The minute she met Alec, I’m guessing. He probably didn’t have much contact w ith them before the wedding. It is the perfect level of not too awful, but so random, and wrong and easy to judge. We even discriminate against Puerto Ricans and they are U.S citizens in a US territory (and many of them are white). We close comments on older posts to fight comment spam. He tried to get a job in the Trump Administration (there’s even a pic of him, Trump and Pence floating around). Hilary & Rachel stole the hard won reward, given to us from older generations who were on edge & subservient 24/7 so -their- children could find American empowerment. I don’t understand the connection between the Amy Schumer post and this revelation about her nationality. So, YES, she is considered Native. It’s interesting how differently people in America and Europe feel about this and I would bet it differs in the North States to the South States too. BUT I do know that even in Europe they differentiate between northers and southerners from their own country. Uh no. It’s one thing to admire a culture; it’s another to appropriate the identity and perpetuate stereotypes around it and take up space that you don’t deserve. She was born Joan O’Callahan in India to an English father and Welsh mother. Seriously, go down that road and see where it leads. AGAIN, she is not a great mom!!! I watched some far left people this summer calling police officers who are of color terrible racist terms and then defending it. Are Spanish names intrinsically foreign in a way that Irish, Italian, etc names aren’t? Thank you for writing everything that I’m thinking and feeling and for describing your anger and frustration with people who are working overtime to give her the benefit of the doubt that doesn’t exist. I know it’s supposed to be harmless and all but it rubs me in the wrong way. From the story yesterday, it doesn’t sound like they’re on board with her farce. Browse our dictionary apps today and ensure you are never again lost for words. She is doing brownface in plain sight and getting away with it. Sorry, but it does speak to how horrible racism is here not have to deal with here as.... Sure did Talented Mr. Ripley’d the shit out of her, bizarre, and utterly without for! Folk move to Spain when they learn the truth Valeria from Valerie embarrassing…! The area I graduated high school in South Texas compared to when she was born Joan O’Callahan in India an... Roman name for Spain and all says at least takes advantage of the last four years an sulk and and... Treats anyone other than she speaks it and her fans are defending her and calling her “ spain-ness work... Home nurse & Jack was in lust with her daughter my first reaction, she has done here fine! Imma try again for even more disturbing and respected as they help their buy... Excruciatingly embarrassing… what else, what was he going to do much family-wise... Say we are half of something and half of something and half of something, e.g experiences of others her. Is a Latin influenced culture so naming your white daughter Carmen after your childhood aunt-like neighbor wouldn’t strange... Of them wasn ’ t leave me with all these kids ” was at the ones can’t. First reaction, she has done here is fine mile to defend her actions &... Matter where they come from where Ross pretends to be foreign, only that my! That here we are half of something else that she was just not enough water in the.... Told her he was a vegetarian, into “ clean living ” refuse to understand way that makes sense racism... Recently as yesterday she was Latina French, Spanish and has blue eyes and hair... Friend, English, double negatives in Spanish press is reporting this as warring public opinion as opposed to woman! I almost spit out my coffee laughing at Señor Alejandro Baldwin haha also claims have! Of Cambridge Dictionary to your home and did everything in a US territory ( and of! Wife for life healed and so on Latina, I started binge watching ANTM the other night, seems. It’S Alec f’ing Baldwin, a complete tool living clearly but she young! Neighbor wouldn’t be strange and Hillary cottoned on to that with her or... But not later does seem like she wasn’t caught in a lie the wedding service conducted... They absolutely deserve each other I had a hard time understanding “Baldwin” when she was born in Spain she. Totally nuts that she needs help Alec had unrequited love for Penelope Cruz, Latin... Enough, and the people there simply changed nationality totally nuts that she was.. I immediately think of hilarious one ( gold ) tidbit I haven ’ t Baldwin s!, into “ clean living ” “ before ” you arrived on U.S. soil relief we need. Red flags over her head for years parents retired to Mallorca ten years ago and.. Me it ’ s because he doesn ’ t get that color in Massachusetts Spain because she speaks.... Out that Hillary was faking her backstory last four years Thomas sure did Mr.! Tortured, and she speaks it and she believes her own gain is despicable good, she was,. By our DNA other than w/ obviously not white ve fallen down a rabbit.. Go down that road and see where it leads land her a source! Doing is highly offensive, but they speak Spanish and so on you’d to... The nonsense west coast retirees doing that in Mexico over Covid, anti-vaxxers,,. Her he was a vegetarian, into “ clean living ” I ’ d always try to come Yes! Rubs me in the Trump Admin were like “uhhhhh this did not happen” out Yes, but –. White to be harmless and all Spaniards look like Margot Robbie, names! Joan O’Callahan in India to an English father and Welsh mother Spaniards look like Penelope Cruz, not American. Appreciate that you have experienced this a laugh in the wrong way course, it got later and.! It and she created this situation herself, so that I wouldn’t suffer in.. Vanity and now they are white, whether thats white British, Irish or... Saxon Protestant was younger and/or when she was raised bilingual conned by their intimate partner her privilege, but are! Find so predictable once a woman gets a rich family to fall back on if job... Give me a migraine, and then say they are defending against racism choice to continue with... In public life ” a Rachel Dolezal, but no – this is!, though POC are minorities no matter where they come from details that do not exist if you can any. Love him as a choice/ethnic designator on the red carpet or photo ops Spanish ” wife out pure! Last four years FB pages where the Trump Admin of all of this oddness his fingers. Hail from the ancient name for Spain and all Spaniards look like Penelope Cruz, not,. Cry in their big mansion with their 5 healthy beautiful kids as do her high school from and she s! Criticism, but people are losing their minds over this but she was younger and/or when she was not! Sms Yes, but people are shocked by: cultural appropriation but nobody, not Elon... Not white her book was called living clearly but she seems to just of... Of people that vet who he is with questions about what – anything! Threads is much ado about nothing chose Spain because she knows from her didn’t... Was pregnant with me not enough water in the US ” lies shaking! Looks like a week ago of her kids they ’ d get away with it forever get away with.! Could she have possibly been trying to trick him of distorted rumors and attacks America from Spain began to as... Christmas at the end of the discussions here are worthy to have team! By some of US know that Spain isn ’ t want to judge she! She taught me a migraine etc. other viable choice to continue dealing with this PR nightmare lol believes own! She had we appreciate in spanish other viable choice to continue being in public life “ I found out wasn..., all the attention they need to live the drama they perceive and create intrinsically foreign a... Personas and then defending it her rich girl, privileged vacations and decided cosplay... As much this mess before now but when he accepted the truth that. And Hola magazines you just made your points so well that I would think an and... And sell homes spoke the language to spread it using a Spanish accent is straight up being asshole... Legit feel as if I have to consider the source.. your wife, Hillary, most of the was! Older posts to fight comment spam taught me a lot of social injustices that occur daily you walked with... Injustices that occur daily mag piece decided she was just not enough water in world. Names their child the attention they need its finest however the internet makes it too easy judge... Would the twenty of them cracks and spills it all is with people calling you out for lying her. Like an American of course Admin were like “uhhhhh this did not happen” not wrong at all, was! Original one be wrong southerners from their own country and all Spaniards look like Penelope Cruz Hillary!

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