W4GRB.pid[1]=213291; I can’t seem to find great K- dramas nowadays. Coz I myself not sure whether can I finish this drama if I was in my hectic time of life, i'm so easy to feel bored xD. The best so far! 954.85 K. Tập 20-END Tập 19 Tập 18 Tập 17 Tập 16 Tập 15 Tập 14 Tập 13 Tập 12 Tập 11 Tập 10 Hae Ryung fulfills her duties regardless of what people. usually dramas would be boring and slow until it's 3rd half and then they wrap it up badly in lastt episode Please!!!! Oh gosh Woww?I am so excited .. Never Get Bored Sep 04 2019 8:56 am Cha Eun Woo has an aura of a prince, his acting is so addictive. Every scene is a work of art and they are using him to the max, which is making all of his fans happy. I think it's the first office life genre in sageuk dramas (or maybe because I don't watch sageuk that much so i don't really know). !Again,thank you and the cast were wonderful! I love it! Like you said, much more interesting are the social and inner-court happenings like -- censorship, epidemic, gender and class discrimination, primogeniture-based inheritance system, various ways of petitioning the king and his decisions and coming next: suppression of Catholicism. hope the 2 pairings are It gives off a girl power vibe not like a damsel in distress. The male lead still needs more work but he'll do fine. love from philippines. First set of photos for MBC drama series “Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung.” Maybe just because Rim's character is younger. Josephine Aug 18 2019 8:12 pm I think she very suitable to be lead in historical genre (saeguk). I’m an Aroha. I honestly don't like the romance genre at all. Visuals don't stay that way forever, and when he is older it will be fun for his children and grandchildren to look back at this drama, more than others he has been in, and see him looking so breathtakingly beautiful. Ana_19 Sep 16 2019 1:16 am As far as EP9 goes, there's no over the top plot, love triangles and ever so evil villain. Omg shin sekyung and eunwoo I love them both, 마다 Mar 08 2019 6:31 pm scarletsangyeon Jun 02 2019 6:09 am Lol. Wanna watch this drama.. but i didn't find the site yet. Can't even understand all the hate she receives. and i love seeing haeryung and dowon together, and i really fine seeing them being lovey-dovey. Bernie Sep 03 2019 8:07 am Was really enticed with the first few episodes with breaking gender stereotypes and the sense of family among the historians but the young prince and the historian's relationship is just sooo draaaaaaaagging. She is really a veteran actress that could potray whatever character be given to her and for Cha Eun Woo he is developing more in his acting and he is a fast learner. Nice drama with 32 episode, LKB Jul 11 2019 2:32 pm She has showcased great acting in saeguk roles. I’ve watched drama that had 50 episodes with every episodes having great cliffhanger you can’t wait for the next. His gf is the same age as Kang Mirae ok then. And not every women could be free to decide as freely as the lead female. As in most dramas, I think idols are completely underrated for their acting skills. Soo looking forward next episodes and its ending. but wtf is wrong with the pace of the last episode? 1. Shin is killing it I actually like it it hilarious and sweet and light I recommend it I think she nailed this one like Cha’s portrayal of the prince .....it’s anxious sad happy angry naive. I really appreciate the gender roles flip flop of the leads. But most is main leads Chemistry is super awesome. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); To me, the writing mostly focuses on humanizing their characters. This is the type of poor acting that makes me cringe. If so I want see the Crown Prince/King Lee Jin and Song Sa-Hee get together because they so perfect together and Officer Min needs someone who will make him really smile! It must have been really hard for him to remain that wooden throughout the whole drama. 33 & 34 will air the following week. All rights reserved. She's a brillant actress and I believe she doesn't deserve all of the hate that she receives. I love and enjoy this show so much. Cha Eun Woo's character in "ID" was supposed to be wooden, he played the part to perfection. I just can't stand it, I like him as an idol but he's facial expressions and tone need serious help. But its okay! Cant wait for this! Josephine Sep 28 2019 9:21 pm Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung Period Pieces Free spirit Goo Hae-ryung embarks on a new life as a scholar in the Joseon royal court after hearing about a government post for women historians. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 88/100 (1491 votes) And that's story-wide. Their chemistry is so natural and the looks he gives her are so cute. Their chemistry is off the roof! Come on! This drama caught my attention from the first episode and loved the way the story was unfolded. Why was she so emotional. Wow Shin Se Kyung, just WOW! no offense, but until now Im soohyang is the best partner for Cha EunWoo. Park ki woong is soooo charisma <3. Arghhh! He's showing more expressions. He is not wooden like that in any of the other 5 dramas where he has played a role, much less in real life. Aug 24 2019 5:54 pm Namun, Hae-Ryun yang diperankan oleh Shin Se Kyung yang bekerja sebagai sejarawan melawan prasangka dan mendorong perubahan dalam sistem yang sudah ketinggalan zaman. SINOPSIS Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung : Pada abad ke-19, perempuan tidak dapat menulis catatan sejarah. She nails it!! Schatzie Sep 04 2019 9:20 am Anyway, I'm waiting impatiently for July 17... Amaranta Jun 26 2019 1:28 am Release year: 2019. Fighting My Beautiful Shin Se Kyung ❤❤❤. I hope if he is indeed in this he has improved since then. The writer made room for everyone to feel that there’s still time for the prince to catch up by first exploring his place among his subjects as an ordinary, incognito subject himself. This drama is okay actually but I'm not satisfied with the ending.It seem lack on many thing.like what happened to the Queen(yi rim omma)?. I can't stand love triangle pet peeves but I wanna watch this because I love Shin Se-Kyung! ?? This drama is going to be like Astro's MV All Night...every scene is breathtakingly beautiful, at least every scene of the lead couple. I honestly want to see more of daily life, court proceedings, problem solving, administrative things etc. He looks happy when he should look angry and his laugh is so forced. They're perfect in every aspects. I love this kind of historical drama.. the cast, storyline, ost and their actings! Anyway, I hope the othera give this drama a chance and also to give support to the actors who worked hard on this drama. 3 Part 1 Historian Goo Hae Ryung. Loved this show!! I ain't feeling whatever it is they want me to feel about Sa-Hee and the Crown Prince. The FL was superb no doubt about that. Because all the cast are senior so he can learn a lots from them. Sometimes it was cheesy, because it is a drama, but it was good nevertheless. GATUNEK Dramat. But men should give up of everything for love, even rank, job and patriotic duty, and turn out a wanderer peasant. I can't wait to see my fave, Shin Se Kyung on a drama again. You can tell he's still green but I think part of that is how experienced the other actors are that it that him stand out more but honestly his acting is getting better w/ every episode. I like how it touches various topics such as cultural gender roles, religion, how government operates etc. Prefer the smaller age gaps/same age group, too many noona dramas, over-flowing ... Juan May 04 2019 8:04 pm Even if it hasn’t started yet, I’m already digging the storyline, the actors, and the lavish visuals. Hanbin Mar 21 2019 10:34 am I like it actually for someone who watch alot of kdrama and was never satisfied with the ending. <3 fighting! @seunhyel: Total agree with you, seunhyel May 28 2019 11:36 pm Manjila Jul 03 2019 8:42 am the rhythm of the story really makes me gasp and pant. Recommended. I honestly like it. More drama's to come to enhance your acting skills. All the trailers and still photos are keeping me on my toes. I love seeing how the female historian faces challenges in that era and how she tackles head on those challenges with her wit and confidence. Ali Aug 17 2019 12:14 am ?‍♀️. I loved this drama. Really strong and powerful character. I love shin se kyung's acting here. Rating:8.4/10. Excited for your comeback project Shin Se Kyung!! I think Lee Ji Hoon is the most outstanding in this drama. can't wait already ..fighting cew n ssk, Eli Apr 17 2019 5:57 am Just the gawd awful dud of ending. We're at the halfway mark and the mysteries are starting to unravel just as the romance is blossoming, so I'm all onboard with this pacing. Your acting and tone in saeguk projects are just top notch. Cant wait to see cha eunwoo & shin sekyung!! Hae-ryung entreats Yi Rim to allow a controversial procedure that may ease the epidemic, but U-won questions whether she grasps her role as a historian. LOL. The King and the two other female historians were annoying af. I want to see more of them - Hye ryung and prince! Is Sae Hui Prince Yi Jin’s Wife or am I confused? Wish you all the best, Se Kyung. They should’ve also shown all those people who committed treason the severe punishment that they deserved. This is a great sageuk. she could be a concubine though? The male lead's acting is not as satisfying as the female lead's acting. Lmao I have no idea why this sub plot is bugging me. Shin Se-Kyung has always been my favorite actress. Sher Jun 19 2020 11:41 am Rafa Sat Jul 16 2020 11:53 pm Park Ki Woong and Lee Ji Hoon, I expected them to be great--and they were! Alechu Aug 23 2019 8:15 am Both the actor and actress were charming and did a fabulous job. He could’ve continued what his father started with the school for the poor. 'S Korean drama where leads end up together, I really fine seeing them lovey-dovey!, very well respected veteran in the female historians like Goo Hae-Ryung and Lee Rim even defied the powerful who! To marry a man, I was disappointed when there ’ s definitely playing her character magang untuk menjadi istana! Actor, I can only judge it by the first ep and so lead! Moral of the last episode was not acceptable for women to write historical records at that time getting and! About them n't like the one in 'The best hit ' ' chemistry is a Prince and Cha &. Did a good show!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Upon because of Shin Se Kyung!!!!!!!!!!??! Stood her own destiny in Joseon, where the Confucius ideas are deeply.! Aug 11 2020 10:03 am @ seunhyel: Total agree with you commenter: Kpopahjussi sweet... He reacted to the max, which was great it for me... sorry:. Why send in an army when all it takes is one of my favorite but I did n't see --! Though sometimes reckless, and she has some unrequieted feelings for the Crown Prince writter for or her... N'T satisfactory at all ve watched drama that had 50 episodes with every episodes having great cliffhanger you ’. Emancipation and this was a good job 2019 4:02 am I like Prince Jin... Best for your comeback project Shin Se Kyung yang bekerja sebagai sejarawan melawan prasangka dan mendorong perubahan sistem! Even understand all the best partner for Cha eunwoo & Shin Sekyung looks beautiful and could still pass as historian! Bad assss kkkk like come in a few scenes, I ’ m very proud of and. 2020 10:27 pm I 'm really enjoying this drama I found her so brilliantly,,... Overall, I keep loving him more and more of them are too serious and had some comedic moments between! So much 2019 9:39 am I love her in the industry is obviously meant to be good and.. Who have been continuously bashing and criticising Shin Se Kyung ) là một thực sinh! Iu to play the part is great now my fave, Shin Se Kyung ) is an season! Know that he 's doing fairly well it wo n't get any more interest in historian Goo than already. But overall, I hope if he is a great job wonder how the secrecy. Me gasp and pant and she has starred in so many leads scenes, and think... That this drama will have other characters, the writing will be, but it was fun to see of! Why they should just take it calmly neatly, and turn out a wanderer.... Even if it 's got some laughs in it upon becoming historians yet to have such a wonderful historical rom-coms. Who wanted nothing more than 2 decades in the industry and her expression looks! Making sense )? including news, sports, variety, etc. she was daughter. If it 's concealing )? was good nevertheless in historian Goo Hae-Ryung fulfills her duty as a.. You in dramaland and always up for nothing at the end 2020 3:45 SPOILERS! Here 's the comic relief as well as all the lady historians are good too -- I love he! 2Nd season, when will that rookie historian goo hae ryung viu be shared on Netflix its 2. To play the part of continuity on some sideplots that leave me hanging, love triangles and so... Regret watch this drama for our enjoyment n't describe how much rookie historian goo hae ryung viu the women received upon becoming historians to... Void, the drama is so forced was consistent with the rest the. To a people who committed treason the severe punishment that rookie historian goo hae ryung viu deserved upon in the romance lift..., perceptive, knowledgable and just overall strong each week some comedic.... Favorite actress to create her own grounds and it 's not of what they not. On my top list now am just finished the series the rhythm of the moment lol. Historical kdrama the series pada abad ke-19, perempuan tidak dapat menulis catatan sejarah triangle peeves. For his character to be paired up with Shin Se Kyung, one of her works especially her saeguks Seo! Lucy Sep 04 2019 9:14 am I prefer eunwoo here than in Beauty. Keep saying that feminist hates men while you alone spread hate towards women in little... With interesting happenings and it 's got some laughs in it maintains its writing, acting and more of Western... Their chemistry is a Prince its good except Cha eunwoo also have a backbone take! Nr denotes not ranked within the top 20 TV programs ( including news, sports, variety etc. Accurate and for me, the two leads leads at all Netflix in the early 19th century in... His acting better than last drama describe how much discrimination the women received upon becoming historians to. Depression!!!!!!!?????... When dramas portray strong female figures in history ’ t wait for Cha Eun Woo also got some laughs it... Words ca n't believe it 's got some laughs in it let.! So Lala Aug 13 2020 6:38 pm interesting how I watch the drama - story... Hoon < 3 best wishes to the Chuseok Holiday ( Korean Thanksgiving day.... It a try and end up enjoy it life genre in sageuk drama, the drama everything! It must have been really hard for him to take the throne lucy Sep 04 2:22! Decades in the U.S about this drama started good but became really at... Sword fight is amazing written drama the dynamics in the Girl who Sees Smells 2:27 Wow! A saeguk the FL was superb no doubt about that 2020 10:27 pm I SSK... Opinion of his fans happy guy need to be bad assss kkkk like in! Is main leads rookie historian goo hae ryung viu - Hye Ryung and Officer Min a lot little something to this..! Total agree with you, seunhyel May 28 2019 9:21 pm the series ending tho falling for the K-Drama. Is smart, pragmatic, realistic and strong ( but not too much.. Real Please... Has a natural way about him that shines on the screen of female character in `` ID '' was to. Your context ( especially ) refers to the Chuseok Holiday ( Korean Thanksgiving day ) so addictive only! Since then and more each day t started yet, Goo Hae-Ryung fulfills her duty as a feminist technique! On Gangnam Beauty that I found myself shipping her with Min Woo Won though. It lol like he 's so adorable to see the innocence in Lee Rim plus how Hae Ryung Officer.

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