Shoot/kill the enemies here and follow the route to the chopper. A squad of Solarii notice her and start throwing dynamite. *In addition to the four camps you discover in the area beyond the gate, the Helicopter Hill fast travel camp and the day camp in the Well of Tears Challenge Tomb are still accessible. Open it and you will receive the Relic Map for Shanty Town. Continue forward (northeast) through the rough opening in the stone wall. The walkthrough for this area is included at the end of Summit Forest. See the controls page for details. im at witts end, jumping the roofs, easy mode, singleplayer, PC (gamelevel perf.) These also collapse beneath you, so keep running across the first one, jump onto the next and when it tilts forward, slide to the end and jump onto the roof of the shack ahead. Their weight will break the shelf, bringing down the can. Infinitely respawning and they die pretty quick. Otherwise, Lara will have a short trip to a long fall. In the southern part of the town, south-west of the windmill. Pull up and take another running jump up the little wooden ramp to grab the white planks ladder on the other side of the gap. Try and shoot the demolitions men as they're about to throw, making them fumble their dynamite and blow themselves up. Before scrambling up the wooden wall, go around to the left to find a boarded-up doorway. * Encrypt Email script- Please keep notice intact. Lara falls but manages to hang onto the rope. Pick up more arrows on the left. Tomb Raider Silencer challenge objective: Destroy four alarms with Pry Axe in the Shantytown. And, of course, continue to move from cover to cover as the dynamite rains down. The trick is timing. 5/2/13 - Added suggestion and screenshot for "Get Over Here" achievement/trophy. It doesn't extend all the way across the gap, so you're going to have to take a leap of faith. If you only rely on one autosave, you may run into trouble if you get stuck in the game, encounter a bug, or if your autosave file becomes corrupted. Then go around to the southwest corner and drop down onto a small ledge to loot the body of the sniper who was shooting at you earlier. Drop it on the end of the seesaw with the others and you should be good to go. Watch as Grim handily dispatches a few bad guys. 1: Just outside the tomb entrance and the fast travel camp in the southeast part of Shanty Town, you will see a white sheet up high on the cliff. Keep in mind that the enemies can do this too, so don't linger near the hazards on your side. The battle at the main gate is a good place to stock up on ammo from dead bodies if you are good with headshots. For details, visit Scramble up the painted wall onto a ledge made of packed earth. For now, drop down onto the wooden ledge below that fence and follow it around to the left. I'm not sure about the PS3 version, but I didn't see them in the PC game. Now run up the seesaw and jump at the end. Shantytown is a sprawling level so I have divided it into two sections: the area leading up to the ancient gate is described below. You need to raise this end so Lara can jump from it to the wall. Again, you only need to burn and dismantle 5 of these to complete the challenge, but there are lots of extras in case you miss a few. (screenshots). Hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the open area near the smelting pots is a cage with several round holes in it. 10 - Tomb Raider 100% Good Vibrations. other path? Next Collectibles Shantytown Laid to Rest Prev Collectibles Shantytown GPS Caches (08-15) ALARM 1/4. You can try and hit them or the fuel barrel nearby. Avoid the incoming dynamite and clear the zone. With a good run-up and a well-timed jump, Lara should be able to reach the climbing wall. Then hop back down and continue in the opposite direction (south) along the plywood platform. (screenshots), Once you're latched onto the climbing wall, climb up, then as far to the left as possible. Follow the linear path to enter the main room, but keep an eye out for a GPS Cache. Press Interact when prompted to grab onto a piece of grating jutting out from the side of the bridge. The in-game map does not include a compass rose showing which way is north. Shoot a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped aircraft wheel hanging from the ceiling. As you head down the hill into the new area, Lara spots one of her friends sliding down a zip line pursued by enemies. (screenshots), NOTE: If you fast travel back to Shantytown later, any time after reaching the Shipwreck Beach level, there will be a gap in the fence here that will enable you to quickly move from the slope near the Ancient Gate camp into the building on the left. ... Tomb Raider Game Guide … (The page with screenshots has details.). 5/18/13 - Updated level map to include the areas covered in the third visit. $9.99 Add to Cart. Immediately take cover behind the metal crate, since 3 more Solarii are waiting just ahead. (screenshots), When you've killed several men on the enemy side, a brief cut scene interrupts showing one of them shouting orders to the others to get down there and deal with you. Tomb Raider - Part 26 / Shanty Town exploration - Commentary Tomb Raider (PC) - Part 26. (screenshots). /*********************************************** CHAMBER OF JUDGMENT CHALLENGE TOMB: You're headed for the ledge above the statue with raised arms. NOTE: You can also reach this GPS cache from the other side. Move around the cage until you're able to get a clear shot with a fire arrow at each of the nets. There's a food cache about halfway along on the left, plus arrows and a salvage trunk at the top. Beyond the metal roofs are 2 wooden ledges. Rifle Part 1 Right after the Hall of Ascension tomb you will make a rope bridge down to another platform. tried 50 times to jump the roof, and had friends try, fall 10x, then make it to last roof fall off there 10 times, then land on wall hit E and slid off, 2times. Then move out onto the ledge overlooking the stagnant pool where you entered this part of Shantytown. (screenshots), Don't get too relaxed though. A little way in, the passage widens into a cave with planks and a few body parts scattered on the ground. Then return to the landing at the bottom of the stairs. NOTE: There are chickens and boars on the ground level of the windmill building in the Xbox 360 game. Then, if Lara dies or you quit the game and restart, the game reloads at the last checkpoint. In a brief conversation by walkie-talkie, they vow make sure Grim's death was not in vain. (screenshot). To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot at least once each level. The assault rifle is a good choice here, if only to shoot enemies as they attempt to fast-rope to your platform. (screenshots), After retrieving the cache, turn around and you'll see a plank barrier you can destroy with your shotgun. (screenshots), Turn around and go back the way you came. (screenshots), FIGHTING NEAR THE WINDMILL: A small group of Solarii in the building with the windmill and cargo-hauling machinery spot Lara and start hollering. Four more enemies are lurking ahead. Move up the steps on the left and around to some metal crates you can use for cover as you fight. Continue climbing to the right and upward, around a corner onto a set of beams with skulls tucked into the crevices, then finally up onto a solid ledge. Lara will need to shoot enemies throwing explosives, and cause as much damage as possible. Jump up and grab onto one of the moving cargo cages as it passes by and climb on top. (screenshots), Go back around to the wooden wall and scramble onto the ledge above. Note that if you somehow sever this rope by shooting another rope arrow elsewhere using the same post, you can restart your checkpoint and be all right. Climb back onto the ledge overlooking the platform and shoot the can to knock it off the platform. Use Survival Instinct if you're having trouble spotting it. Drop down and pick it up. Use heavy firepower to take them out before they reach you. 7/7/13 - Updated weapon parts info with help from Jerad Z. This particular trap is near the Well of Tears. Set the gate on fire with the fire arrow (your torch won't reach it). Shortly after crossing the narrow plank above the chasm, you'll return to the wooden ledge where you opened the salvage crate earlier. Down below, in the far right corner is the GPS cache (13/15) you may have seen earlier from the other side of the fence. (screenshots), CHALLENGE TOMB ENTRANCE: Enter the tunnel near the campsite. Ahead on the right is a mound of trash with a few corpses mixed in. Use it to climb down to the middle level, where you fought the last group of Solarii. Reviews. She's ready to cooperate, but the old guy is having none of it. Move ahead, but as you go along the linear corridors keep an eye out for a GPS Cache (collectible). Road Less Traveled, Guilty Conscience ... 8 - Tomb Raider 100% A Shanty Town Adventure. (screenshot) Don't worry if Lara gets killed; the game will reload at the start of the battle and you can keep trying. You can also try running around Shantytown. Cheats. WAS THIS WALKTHROUGH HELPFUL? If they manage to invade Lara's personal space, blast them with the shotgun or use one of your Brawler skills to disable and finish them. Remember you can use IGN's interactive map linked to below to find the locations of all of Tomb Raider's items! There's no way to avoid this, so just go with it. Turn left and jump to grab the white plank mounted on the side of the bridge. I'll describe one possible path. only made it wall 2 of 50 tries. All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by GNUB D.O.O. Then, if you like, you can rest at the camp and spend any skill and salvage points you've collected. Includes 4 items: Tomb Raider: 1939 Multiplayer Map Pack, Tomb Raider: Caves and Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack, Tomb Raider: Shanty Town, Tomb Raider: Shipwrecked Multiplayer Map Pack Package info. Her energy renewed by the possibility of rescue, Lara tells Roth to send up a signal while she makes her way into the palace to rescue Sam and the others. Just to the right of the catwalk leading over to where the last group of enemies were, there's a hole in the chain-link fence. (screenshots), A third can sits on a higher shelf to the right of the statue. You can try and shoot them off the lines for the Deadeye Achievement/Trophy. After killing all enemies you can start exploring shanty town, which houses many, many collectibles, items and ammunition. ), Exit to the south, past the 3 smelting pots, and cross the stream to the Windmill Base Camp and the entrance to the second Challenge Tomb. The rest of the bad guys stay in hiding for now. Continue forward to the area with the metal crates where you hid during the last combat. Refer to the in-game map by pressing Tab/Back if you'd prefer no spoilers. Continue traversing to the right, but each time Roth tells you to stop, wait where you are until he gives the signal to keep moving. (screenshots), When you've dealt with these guys, loot the bodies near you, grab the arrows leaning on the left, and then jump across the gap near the windmill blades and immediately take cover behind the metal crates. Note: You can explore this tomb as you go through the southern part of Shantytown. You'll find the 'Helicopter Hill' base camp close to your starting position, on the far northwest side of the area. Pepper him with fire arrows as he approaches or use your own shotgun to deal with him. She quickly scrambles behind some metal crates. **Map includes all major collectibles and challenge items in the second part of Shantytown. Before Lara can climb up, a cut scene kicks in. This tunnel opens into the area where the cargo cages change direction. Mountain Village. How do you get past the Shanty Town fight?! Thanks to Jeff Reid for reminding me about this one. These will probably already be marked on your map, since you came close to them while exploring above. Stella's Tomb Raider Site: Tomb Raider Shantytown Map of Collectible Locations. On the left, hidden amid some scrubby plants, is the last GPS cache (15/15). Gear: none  Weapons/Weapon Parts: Handgun Part (2/3) As for needing salvage, go back to the part of the forest where you opened the gate in the beginning of the game and farm the deer. Swoon! High above on the right side of the tower made of steel girders is a salvage net. Kill all incoming enemies and deal with the main gate. Once she heals and earns the Fire Arrows, she will need to engage the enemy. 1 Tomb Raider 1.1 Bow Parts 1.2 Handgun Parts 1.3 Rifle Parts 1.4 Shotgun Parts 1.5 Part Locations 2 Rise of the Tomb Raider Weapon Parts can be found for all firearm/projectile weapons. You can also attempt to pull a few enemies off the ledges with rope arrows for the Get Over Here Achievement/Trophy. The map is going to be very useful while exploring shantytown, so be sure to consult it every now and then. As always, I welcome your corrections/suggestions. If you missed any in the first part of Shantytown, there are several more in this area to help make up the difference. Now that you're not trying to shoot incoming dynamite, when you see some headed toward you, scramble away and take cover behind a different set of metal crates. Traverse to the right until Roth tells you to stop. He comes running out from behind some machinery shouting a warning. Lara automatically grabs the edge, but you need to press Interact to keep her from losing her grip. An A.I. TOMB RAIDER: Shantytown - Well of Tears Challenge Tomb - Part 2 Detailed walkthrough for the TOMB RAIDER video game for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Move under the bridge to the left side and climb back up. Stay on the gondola and deal with the initial enemies who appear. Ahead on the left is a plank bridge spanning the rushing stream. (screenshots), Turn so the alcove with the arrows is behind Lara and move out into the open area at the foot of the wooden stairs. While not marked on the map, the game will indicate when Lara is near a tomb through dialogue, so make sure to have your volume on. I completely missed the #2 fast travel camp in Shanty Town!Can I go back and get it (I got all the way to the Cave leading into the temple...) I didnt switch saveslots (only 3!!) The sheet metal barriers are solid, but you can destroy the wooden barrels and the wood-and-cloth barriers, giving the bad guys fewer places to hide. Updated October 18, ... Part of the MMORPG Life network. Something about that manly voice and crinkly eyes. If you need ammo during the upcoming fight, there are 5 bundles of arrows, 2 boxes of shotgun shells and 4 boxes of rifle/SMG ammo scattered around this area. Tomb Raider - Part 27 / Grim - Commentary Tomb Raider (PC) - Part 27. Carry it onto the lower end of the seesaw and drop it there with the other two. Ignore it for now. Shantytown - Exploring the Windmill Building - Part 2 Go through the doorway to the right of the scrambling wall in the northeast corner. Go down the next short flight of steps and turn around to face them. Just like in the Mountain Village sequence, you need to press Interact when she reaches the cliff to latch on with the climbing axe. Burn it and pull it down. Shortly after, you'll approach the shanty town gate and trigger some combat, next up is the shanty town gate clip. Then move up the slope to the Chamber of Judgment Day Camp. Follow this link for details about this site's advertising and privacy policy. The SMG and fire arrows are better at long range. 9 - Tomb Raider 100% Movin' on Up. (screenshots), Ignore the path leading off to the left. Follow the ledge to the left and scramble up the painted wall to the next level. (screenshots), Lara automatically crouches in the low space above.