Participants learn ways to enact social and environmental policies and processes in order foster social and environmental well-being as well as economic sustainability. During the two-year Master’s programme in Science, Business and Innovation (SBI) at VU Amsterdam, you’ll learn how to successfully introduce scientific knowledge and inventions into the market. This Master of Science degree in Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Innovation is designed for aspiring change makers who want to apply the tools of business to solving the world’s most urgent social and environmental problems. Master in Sustainable Business & Innovation: Fees, what's included, financing options and scholarship opportunities. Stakeholders in these businesses – including governments, shareholders, business customers, local communities, consumers, employees, and NGOs – are demanding that companies become more focused on sustainability for themselves and the communities they impact. If you have a burning desire to tackle growing environmental concerns, a master’s degree in sustainability might be for you. Information for students currently enrolled in the Master’s programme Sustainable Business and Innovation at Utrecht University. We offer: A ground breaking master programme which examines critical aspects of the sustainability challenges facing business. “Sustainability” is far from a temporary buzzword. The seven obligatory sources in the first year consist of: Innovation Management; Consultancy Project Sustainable Business and Innovation; Governance and Change Management for Sustainability Il Master in Gestione d’impresa con indirizzo Green Management and Sustainable Businesses ha l’obiettivo di guidare le imprese nell’ideazione di nuovi modelli di business, sostenuti da un uso consapevole delle risorse. ''The most enjoyable parts of the programme involve the strong focus on and involvement of real-world practice'', ''SBI was a perfect mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, with the opportunity for hands-on application", acquire an understanding of sustainable solutions and innovations as well as ways to assess impacts; and, This Master's programme is officially registered under its name in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes, 60 credits equals one year full-time study load (European Credit Transfer System, ECTS), Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development. This site uses cookies. It offers a broad portfolio of classes on the problems we face, solutions to discuss, and management tools to deal with the transition. Follow a Masters/MS/MBA in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management A … During your studies, you will learn about topics such as sustainable development, sustainability innovations, life cycle assessment, ecoefficiency and cleaner production, environmental management systems, sustainability reporting, organisational change, and management for sustainability. Follow a Masters/MS/MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility A master in corporate social responsibility will allow students to enter any industry and improve the ethics within them. A bachelor degree with a 2:1 (hons) or above in a natural, environmental, physical, management or social science subject. All applicants will need to have GCSE English Language at grade C or above, or an appropriate English language qualificati… If you are planning to work as an independent entrepreneur in your own business, or as a leading “intrapreneur” within an established company, the Master in Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Innovation (120 ECTS) provides you with the necessary skills. Research conducted at the Copernicus Institute covers a wide range of issues related to sustainable development and innovation. You will also discover how to innovate to create and deliver value to people, planet and profit. As a student in the Sustainable Business and Innovation Master’s programme, you will: gain the knowledge and skills to engage with businesses and help them become more sustainable acquire an understanding of sustainable solutions and innovations as well as ways to assess impacts; and With a master degree in Engineering Product Development and Innovation you become an idea and product developer with comprehensive engineering knowledge and business acumen. It is an ideal Master for students who wish to combine their academic understanding of sustainability with current business practices. BECOME A SUSTAINABILITY CHANGE AGENT As part of this two-year Master’s programme in Sustainable Business and Innovation, you will learn about sustainability challenges and the technological and other options that businesses can use to work in a … The content of the programme is also highly visible in the research of the groups. The Sustainable Business and Innovation programme is closely affiliated with the Innovation Studies, Environmental Governance, and Energy and Resources research group of the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University. document.write(new Date().getFullYear())  EADA Business School, Master in Sustainable Business & Innovation, Your Master in Sustainable Business & Innovation, Joint programmes for academic institutions, Applied Analytics for the Global Development Industry 4.0, Decision Making in Marketing & Consumer Ethics, Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change Management, Financing for Inclusive Development & Social Impact Investment, Holistic Management & Organisational Development, International Development Agenda & the Sustainable Development Goals, New Economies (circular, sharing, collaborative, smart cities), The Role of Business in Society:New Holistic Management Models, Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation, Technological Management & the Changing Nature of Work, Company visits, presentations & conferences. The Master’s Programme in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development enables you to pursue careers both at national and international institutions working on economic development and innovation, such as the European Union, OECD, World Bank, WTO, NGOs, governments and central banks, multinational companies and consulting firms. Students take one course at a time, and MBA courses typically have class sizes under 20 students. Whatever the size of the company, the function or the sector they will work in, graduates will acquire the skills to do business in a world that is increasingly hot, crowded, polarized, angry, and unstable and to shape tomorrow’s sustainable businesses and inclusive economies. The MSc Sustainability and Social innovation is designed for current aspiring changemakers to develop the skills and knowledge needed to transform both society and enterprises into more sustainable … This field addresses the complex concerns related to the impact of environmental … MS Management de l’Innovation Technologique, Toulouse Business School (Toulouse, France) This master programme (taught in French) aims to give participants the tools to operate within a technologically innovative business environment, international settings, and anticipate major changes. This program is aimed at high-level applicants who strive to become changemakers. If you would like to become a sustainability change agent in positions such as sustainability officer or sustainability director in a business, government agency, or other organisation, this programme offers you the perfect preparation. The program was created in 2013 and is a unique cooperative agreement between Rennes School of Business and the School of Environmental Management and Engineering, Rennes (EME). Learn the latest knowledge and ideas of sustainable business through a blend of theoretical … Sustainable Business and Innovation - MSc at Utrecht University, listed on - a comprehensive database of Masters, MSc, MA, MPhil & MRes courses in the UK & Ireland Businesses increasingly face significant challenges and opportunities from environmental issues such as climate change, energy, and water and social issues such as labour and human rights, corruption, and transparency. In response to this need, the Rennes School of Business offers a specialised MSc Program in Sustainable Management and Eco-Innovation (SMEI). gain the knowledge and skills to engage with businesses and help them become more sustainable, learn to connect sustainability with business strategies in order to develop integrative and long-term solutions to environmental and social challenges, Master's degree in: Science and Innovation, Programme: Sustainable Business and Innovation, Dutch and other EU/EEA students (statutory fee, full-time): 2020-2021: € 2,143, 2021-2022: € 2,168, Non-EU/EEA students (institutional fee): 2020-2021: € 20,473, 2021-2022: € 20,715. 6. As part of this two-year Master’s programme in Sustainable Business and Innovation, you will learn about sustainability challenges and the technological and other options that businesses can use to work in a more environmentally and socially friendly manner. By visiting this site you are consenting to the use of cookies on this site. Sign up for our international newsletter! Graduate Sustainable Business Curriculum. Graduates from other disciplines and those with professional experience in the sector will also be considered. Being a Master of Science, the programme is research-related as well as business-oriented. The Maharishi University of Management provides a Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Business with a "consciousness-based" approach to training students to create or support successful, life-sustaining businesses. A Master in Sustainable Business is a specialized degree that teaches students the fundamentals of corporate social responsibility (CSR). In this master programme, you will examine how businesses create proactive strategies to deal with issues such as resource scarcity and climate threats. Il Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses si rivolge a giovani manager che intravedono nelle sfide imposte dai cambiamenti climatici il principio su cui costruire il futuro delle imprese. As part of this two-year Master's programme in Sustainable Business and Innovation, students learn about sustainability challenges and the technological and other options that businesses can use to work in a more environmentally and socially friendly manner. Urbanización Can Dalmases, 08293,Collbató, Barcelona, Spain, © //-->