The school is holding its finals, as well, and Odd finds that he is not prepared in the least. They need a drummer, and several try out for the position, including Nicolas. When companies upscale old TV series into HD, rather than preserving the SD format, they sometimes choose to change the episodes to widescreen format because it's the format most media is in nowadays. Code Lyoko is a French animated television series created by Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo and produced by the MoonScoop Group that premiered on France 3.The series centers on a group of teenagers who travel to the virtual world of Lyoko to battle against a malignant artificial intelligence known as X.A.N.A. Code Lyoko is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (103 episodes). Aelita, however, has no home to go to. is causing the visions through her link to the Supercomputer. Further questioning on the matter leads to the same result. After Principal Delmas shows a movie about aliens made by a director named James Finson, Finson announces that he plans to make a movie in the city, using the factory as their primary location. He predictably freezes up. possesses the factory as a whole. The gang has to go to Lyoko and fix the problem before Odd and Yumi disintegrate and disappear forever, but it's not easy when X.A.N.A. in a way tower, William Dunbar is chosen to be the sixth member of the Lyoko Warriors; strengthening their efforts in finishing X.A.N.A. Jeremy stays behind to help Jim while the others repel the attack. 's next Replika ends in success, this time by Ulrich, and Odd's luck returns soon afterwards. They take a vote as to whether or not to include William as part of their group, but Yumi votes no and Jeremy initiates a return to the past. As soon as William makes Sissi, Tamiya and Milly leave, he kidnaps Aelita and takes her to Lyoko. Yumi heads to protect the Core of Lyoko, as Aelita tries to help the boys who instead now see the real world while on Lyoko. 4 Oct. 2006 Straight to Heart ... the group is still trying to find a way to fight XANA. 's polymorphic clones, leaving the others to operate the Supercomputer without help. During this test, the navigation system bugs up, leaving the gang stranded in the digital sea. These were in installments, culminating in a release of the first season. Jeremy realizes the true nature of the ghost during the fight, and Yumi goes off to find the real Odd. attacks the Lyoko warriors by possessing a large amount of food. His creation goes on biting other rats, putting them under his control. Recently Changed Pages. While Ulrich is guarding the lower levels, X.A.N.A. XANA, despite their success in defeating it previously, suddenly reappears, reborn … Meanwhile, on Lyoko, Aelita finds several Kankrelats guarding an orange sphere, which she calls a Guardian, and informs Jeremy. 's recent activity. Meanwhile, William's absence is drawing attention, from both the principal and his father. To make matters worse, X.A.N.A. X.A.N.A. You can find them by searching for Code Lyoko followed by the episode number you want (1-96).The new series Code Lyoko … succeeds in shutting down the white tower. Now … On Lyoko, X.A.N.A. Odd, Yumi, and Jeremy are safe and are at the Supercomputer room. Jeremy, meanwhile, deduces that it's his computer back at school causing the damage, and works with Patrick to stop them. Once a return trip wipes everyone's memories, Odd plays his video, which showcases all the humorous moments at Kadic, with Sissi in particular being treated in a positive light as thanks for her earlier assistance, much to her confusion and surprise. Alex joins the team being the new Lyoko-Warrior. They bring Sissi to the factory to finish the message she started earlier. activated to make the ghost then deactivates, confusing Jeremy. When questioned, the man claims that he's none other than Franz Hopper. After X.A.N.A. Code Lyoko was originally made in Standard Definition and not widescreen. While Ulrich battles the two reporters, the others work to shut down the tower, all while the Subdigitals' music plays in the background. Sissi is sent to the hospital after this, forcing Odd and Yumi to go there and collect her. creates an electricity-blasting sludge that attacks anyone who approaches the shore. Tools:Images Pending Seasonal Categorization,, Season 2 was the first season where the vehicles are included in, Cartoon Network USA did not air the episode. Since the attack keeps draining power from the Supercomputer, with no other choice, Aelita purposefully wipes out the Ice Sector leaving only the Mountain Sector left. Now the group has to deactivate not only the original tower, but the tower that is draining Odd's life energy. Shortly after they begin, the ghost turns on the group, devirtualizing Yumi and chasing Ulrich away from the tower as three Tarantulas arrive to protect it. 4. by American Game Factory. Jeremy is convinced that it must be her, but she seems to have no memory of her experiences with the group. Ulrich and Yumi are forced to enlist Herve's help to destroy it while Jeremy and Odd head to the factory to deactivate the tower. This script is a document created by the person who wrote the entire episode: the places and times, the events that take place, the characters' lines. Odd offers to fix it, and tries to get Jeremy to help. Franz says that the scanners cause cell degeneration, and blames it and the destruction of his diary on Jeremy. Once Ulrich and Yumi arrive there, Sissi confronts them about it. \"Code Lyoko\" ran for a total of five seasons: four half-traditional animation and half-CGI, and one (Code Lyoko Evolution) half-live action and half-CGI.The first four seasons contained a total of 97 episodes, including a two-part prequel, with the fifth season being 26 episodes, bringing the total number of episodes to 123. Since Ulrich is to protect the school and warn Yumi, it is up to Odd to go to Lyoko and help Aelita deactivate the tower and protect the rest of the town from the rampaging teddy bear. 2. About the French Anime known as Code Lyoko, I love this TV Series, despite the flaws in particular episodes, but the idea and story and the character design and skill that it is still known for, is the reason why I love it! Code Lyoko (2003–2007) Episode List. On a trip to Lyoko, Aelita and Ulrich discover a white tower. Jeremy brings Taelia with him to the factory. Just in Time is the thirteenth episode of Season 1 of Code Lyoko. Yanedu. Yumi ends up finding Sissi's diary during this and uses it to blackmail her into giving up the location of Ulrich's diary. Bildir. Prime Video This video is currently unavailable. After William is initiated into the group, a series of events leaves only him and Aelita to defend Lyoko's core. X.A.N.A. brings his Kankrelats into the real world in mass numbers and unleashes them on the school. The group travels to one of X.A.N.A. Odd manages to stop him, but William dives into the Digital Sea. Most visited articles . Teddygodzilla 23m. The others are not quite as convinced, but Jeremy insists that the materialization process must have caused her to lose her memory, but the others were right. With him gone, Aelita is frightened by visions of wolves, which lead her to a house known as the Hermitage. 's new strategy and that they must be very careful. The MoonScoop Group announced a sequel series titled Code Lyoko: Evolution which ran for one season and consisted of twenty-six episodes. Code Lyoko has been released on DVD several times. Jeremy discovers five activated towers and gathers the group to take care of them. The first three seasons, the prequel, and episodes 66–77 and 79–88 aired on Cartoon Network. X.A.N.A. in the way tower, but is devirtualized just in time by Yumi. Jeremy then realizes that with the four main sectors gone, they will not be able to go to Sector 5. Jeremy's cousin, Patrick, comes to visit. The third season of Code Lyoko originally aired fromOctober 4, 2006 to October 23, 2006. … During a test to materialize Ulrich directly into Sector 5, his mind and body become separated, leaving Ulrich's body trapped on Lyoko and his incorporeal mind stuck on Earth. Sissi and Yumi come out okay, but Ulrich's arm is broken in the fall. When they end up tracking Jeremy to the factory, X.A.N.A. In the infirmary, Jeremy overhears that the principal's going to have to fire Jim, so he tells Jim to help him get to the factory, and in return, Jeremy will tell the principal the whole story. possesses Sissi with his newly acquired and greatly strengthened abilities, and goes after Ulrich. 's control. possesses two bulldozers and sets them on the factory to prevent Aelita's materialization from taking place. 's evil clutches, Jeremy creates a program to find William in the Digital Sea. Odd must take Aelita to the tower quickly before Yumi and Ulrich suffocate to death, but X.A.N.A. Jeremy discovers the return to the pasts are making X.A.N.A. Secafuzoj. After they arrive, Aelita, Odd, and Yumi head to Lyoko. Jeremy apologizes for the incident, citing Yumi's strange behavior. The episodes in the following seasons are numbered in order. After discovering a parallel universe hidden inside a supercomputer, a group of plucky students embark on a quest to stop a renegade virus. The first season has no set viewing order save for the last two episodes, so it is listed by the order in which it aired. That, however, is still under development. As they explore, they find that X.A.N.A. At school, a driving class has been set up to teach the kids road safety. 1. However, when William presents Yumi with flowers, Ulrich gets jealous and reads the poem to Sissi instead, hoping to elicit jealousy from Yumi. Code Lyoko is a French animated television series created by Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo and produced by the MoonScoop Group that premiered on France 3.The series centers on a group of teenagers who travel to the virtual world of Lyoko to battle against a malignant artificial intelligence known as X.A.N.A. They hadn't been publicly revealed! The rest of the group, having been unable to contact Aelita, follows her onto Lyoko, but they fail to keep William from throwing her into the Digital Sea. 18 Pages. During a vacation period at the school, the group plans to have a party at Yumi's house. Garage Kids was a short pilot that introduced the concept of Code Lyoko. On top of that, the false data they retrieved from Sector 5 allows X.A.N.A. The next morning, while Jeremy and Aelita are investigating Jeremy's computer, Odd looks for his DVD of his movie to show the famous news reporter T.V. 2. As Jeremy works to find the Materialization Key, a software code … After a trip to Sector 5, Jeremy believes he has the data necessary to cure Aelita's virus. Though X.A.N.A. Later Odd, Ulrich, Sissi, and some of the other students are going to a pool, the bus that their riding in is X.A.N.A. materializes Kankrelats in the real world to stop Ulrich and Yumi. Fortunately, she is devirtualized before the Skidbladnir is totally destroyed. Though most of the problems caused can be bypassed by manual controls, two trains that are completely automatic are put on a collision course, one of which contains a load of highly toxic and deadly. Episodes "Code Lyoko" ran for a total of five seasons: four half-traditional animation and half-CGI, and one (Code Lyoko Evolution) half-live action and half-CGI. In May, the promotion of the series had come quickly. "Code Lyoko Evolution - 3D CGI" contains images from the virtual world in Code Lyoko Evolution. However, she still ends up back in the scanners and Jeremy realizes that this is because Aelita is fully human, just like the rest of the group, so she does not need Code: Earth anymore to be materialized on Earth. William is the prime candidate, but Yumi still does not trust him. 's attempt to take advantage of this alerts Jeremy, allowing him to direct his friends to Yumi. Season: OR . A bug in his virtual avatar spreads to Yumi and Aelita, causing annoying pauses and random devirtualization in the Desert Replika. Having no other choice, Jeremy decides to test out an experiment which will give a person the same powers as one possessed by X.A.N.A.. To do this, he has to activate a tower like X.A.N.A.. It's Saint Valentine's Day and romance is blossoming in the air. Meanwhile, Aelita and Odd get into a fight after Odd's desire to sleep in gets them both in trouble. activates a tower without disturbing Earth, Jeremy forces Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi all to go to Lyoko to deactivate the tower. Meanwhile, X.A.N.A. X.A.N.A. is able to take over Jeremy's tower, reversing the effect of the ghost to drain Odd's energy. Jeremy discovers the Supercomputer, turns it on and finds Aelita inside. While Yumi and Odd are getting virtualized, water from the pipelines inside the walls is falling on the elevator, causing it to overflow. Odd volunteers, and is enhanced by a ghost of Jeremy's design. Odd then tries to do some sort of trick on his sand board but fails. is not willing to give up without a fight, activating a tower to possess William once again while sending the Kolossus to deal with Franz. She shows up to meet them, still wanting to go to Lyoko. To make matters worse, X.A.N.A. When Jeremy pulls the plug, Aelita faints. After being devirtualized by Ulrich, she and her clone engage in battle. Ulrich agrees on one month and kisses her as a down payment. They also try to rescue aX.A.N.A.-fiedWilliamand bring … When the orb attacks Ulrich and Yumi a stubborn Yumi demands to know what is going on, forcing Ulrich to take her to the Supercomputer with him. She is able to convince him to let Herve rummage through Jeremy's computer files. With Sharon Mann, Barbara Scaff, Mirabelle Kirkland, Jodi Forrest. You can also watch Code Lyoko on demand atAmazon Prime, Netflix, iTunes online. Crash Course is the seventh episode of Season 4 and the seventy-second episode of Code Lyoko. Jeremy learns of the activated tower shortly after and the group heads to the factory without Ulrich. After many X.A.N.A. Once the threat is over, Jeremy activates a return to the past so Aelita will not miss the concert. After another successful battle against X.A.N.A. When Ulrich learns that Yumi might have to go back to Japan because her father lost his job, he cannot accept losing her. After another three-week vacation, the group is still looking for a way to fight X.A.N.A.. Although Evolution was … soon manages to regain control of William, Yumi is saved by Aelita, who escaped the island on Sissi's bike. to take it over while Aelita cannot shut it down. While Odd and Ulrich head to Lyoko to prevent X.A.N.A. Error: please try again. To help Hiroki apologize to his older sister, Ulrich secretly returns the diary. Meanwhile, different parts of the school begin to crumble apart. During the test, X.A.N.A. However, an army of robotic drones now stationed at the facility complicates matters and they undo Odd's translation. During the race, Ulrich gets dizzy and falls. Despite their best efforts, the group cannot stop the possessed William from destroying the core, which both renders the Supercomputer useless and transforms William into a darker, X.A.N.A.-themed version of himself. 5 yıl önce | 41 görüntülenme. The group travels to one of XANA's Lyoko replicas in the digital sea. this time around, instead needing to impress his parents (particularly his hard to please father), who will be attending the game. Because of a surprise dorm inspection, Odd has to convince Yumi to keep Kiwi at her house. When Odd breaks a mirror, a little bad luck follows and jinxes him everywhere, even on Lyoko. tries to overload a nuclear power plant by storing electricity in a transformer and unleashing it on the plant all at once, possibly causing a, When Sissi finds and steals Ulrich's diary, he is blackmailed into being her boyfriend. While Jeremy works on separating the two, X.A.N.A. In fact, X.A.N.A. 's produced nanotechnology is responsible. 3. The XANA supercalculator has mounted another attack against our planet. Jeremy places the hair in the scanner, virtualizes it to Lyoko, and Aelita is inside the tower she deactivated. At the end of the episode, Aelita kisses Jeremy to see how he'll react. has infected the machine, so when they find it filled with gel, Odd carelessly ends up pushing Ulrich's face into a small scoop of it. 's ghosts appears in the form of a four-armed monster. This is a list of episodes for the French animated television series, Code Lyoko. Aelita obtains a "weapon" of her own: Deep pink orbs of electrical energy called "energy fields". After going through all of Franz Hopper's diary, Jeremy discovers the truth behind the Supercomputer, at least to some extent. During a trip to a swimming pool, Jeremy and Yumi have the opportunity to find it. In the end, the tower is deactivated, and Aelita is materialized on Earth. Then another tower activates and deactivates. Odd and Ulrich must free Aelita and deactivate the tower before Yumi is defeated by the possessed samurai armor and Jeremy is taken away by the police. During a school production of. They can either expand the shot lengthways, often giving us a view of things like filming … To make matters worse, the clone heads for her after dealing with Jeremy. 1 Plot 2 Trivia 3 Errors 4 Gallery 5 External Links In the courtyard, Odd abandons his and Ulrich's foosball game in order to spend time with Camille, a new girl he is dating. Code Lyoko: Evolution premiered its debut episode online on Dec. 19, 2012, before making its TV debut on France 4 (a sister channel of France 3) on Jan. 5, 2013. During the mission to stop them, Aelita breaks away and heads to Sector 5, determined to discover the source of the visions. Through the restoration, Aelita finally remembers her past up to the point that she went to Lyoko. After failing with an army of rats, X.A.N.A. After reading about a dead man named Leon Corbe, who died during the construction of Kadic, Sissi decides to hold a séance to communicate with him. Handlung. He then says that this time it will work, and asks Aelita if she is ready. Jeremy finally completes his materialization program and prepares to bring Aelita into the real world. After a return to the past, Milly asks Ulrich to the dance again, and Ulrich complies, embarrassing Sissi. In order to buy himself time to do this, he activates a tower and uses it to create a clone of his own to attend class in his place. Jeremy and Aelita stay at the factory while Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi go back to school. 's rat army attacks the school. After following her all day and ending up in the gym, a flock of. Unfortunately, while Yumi is transferring him, she makes a scanner error, which leaves him trapped in a virtual limbo between Lyoko and the real world, so Aelita has to retrieve data to recover Jeremy without support in order to bring Jeremy back, but when she gets to the Mountain Sector, there are a couple of Bloks guarding the tower. However, when he's finally pressured into it, X.A.N.A. In a side story, Odd blackmails Jim into asking Principal Delmas to make Odd have the same classes as his friends. They are branded as insane and hospitalized while Jeremy tries to figure out what happened. possesses a. Jeremy has developed a program to make the William clone smarter, but the learning curve is still problematic, as it tries to fling a glass into the air from a fork. After finding the cause and devising a cure, Jeremy has Yumi and Aelita break them out of the hospital. In science class, Ms. Hertz hands back tests and scolds Ulrich for his lack of effort, warning him about the possibility of being placed in remedial classes after an academic review that is being held the next day. Meanwhile, Yumi has missed one too many classes, and will be expelled if she misses another. After being virtualized, a virus infection occurs on Lyoko because X.A.N.A. Aelita gets mad at Jeremy and she and Odd go into Lyoko without telling anybody, which causes problems. has been holding onto a piece of her, which is responsible for linking her to the Supercomputer. The dogs attack Yumi and Ulrich, among other children, during Jim's. After discovering a parallel universe hidden inside a supercomputer, a group of plucky students embark on a quest to stop a renegade virus. Ulrich leaves Sissi with Odd while he goes to tell Jeremy. Odd and Aelita refuse to work together when they first arrive, but eventually resolve their differences and take William down. William turns out to be a good driver and Ulrich a rather poor one, which William makes fun of him for. Games Movies TV Video. Sissi is there at the time, so she uses Ulrich's memory loss to convince him that she's his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Yumi's parents discover that she is missing and alert the school, who in turn discover that the other four are missing as well. 's next target. At first, it seem docile, but quickly gets angry and attacks. Later, another tower is activated and Odd, Ulrich and Aelita are sent to Lyoko, only for the tower to deactivate itself. During the first hiatus, the last seven episodes of the first season had aired on the Hungarian and Romanian channel. They find Aelita in a sauna in the basement. However, Jeremy completes his program to send the group to Sector 5 directly. Meanwhile, Odd, Ulrich, and Jeremie are in Mrs. Hertz's class, listening to her lecture on neutrons. stronger and more powerful. Aelita is also chosen as the winner of the audition despite her walking out on them. Therefore, the English titles are not official. The clone, having never been told to keep the information a secret, reveals everything to them, and even takes them to the factory. 5. Rate. Rate. 7. Furthermore, their arguing inadvertently leads Nicolas and Herve into the factory, where Jeremy is forced to distract them while the group explores the Lyoko copy, which consists entirely of the Forest Sector. This fortune does not last. 4:44. During a field trip with the rest of her 10th grade class, Yumi finds herself facing off against the students, teachers, and bus driver, all of whom X.A.N.A. Code Lyoko: Evolution is the sequel to the French animated television series Code Lyoko. 's clone of him only complicates matters, kidnapping Aelita and sending her to Lyoko. Herve discovers Aelita's forged documents and the program running the Skid, his efforts to decipher it inadvertently draining the Skid's power. Sissi is sent to the hospital after this, forcing Odd and Yumi to go there and collect her. No one seems to be able to cheer her up, even Ulrich. succeeds in taking over a military satellite and turns it on the school. The group decides that they need another member and Yumi asks William for his help which for her he happily agrees to do. As Odd drops him off, X.A.N.A. Meanwhile, X.A.N.A. - First destruction of a Sector. is constructing cybernetic spiders with the help of a team of possessed scientists. Yumi is forced to go to Lyoko alone. When X.A.N.A. Jeremy and Aelita escape but Ulrich and the other students (except William, who is turned into one himself) fight the rest. Yumi, not part of the class, remains behind to sit through two important exams. As she goes to work destroying the scanners, the others find the real Yumi trapped inside the Guardian. possesses them for an attack on the Supercomputer itself in the Ice Sector, and in the Mountain Sector. Meanwhile, Jeremy has developed a program to get the real William out of Lyoko. Jeremy cannot find an activated tower, which seems wrong considering the situation. Back at the Replika, William and two Mantas come to try to sever the translation. The XANA supercalculator has mounted another attack against our planet. 's virtual zombies, Aelita manages to save them. However, when they arrive at the factory, they find a man at the interface, deactivating the towers as if it were a simple matter to do so. Sissi decides to make herself "editor-in-chief" of Kadic News, much to Milly and Tamiya's dismay. When trying to stop an attack, Yumi pushes a Megatank to save Aelita, but she falls into the Digital Sea by mistake. On top of that, Odd is a zombie himself. possesses both him and Sissi to cause even more damage. By combining techniques, he makes the. has activated a tower in Carthage to create a polymorphic clone of Franz Hopper, but Aelita deactivates it in time. listening from her computer. Meanwhile, the school counselor has been watching Jeremy and believes him to be a gifted student. Among them is the Renders page where you can find promotional images of the heroes. This page is a List of Code Lyoko DVDs. activates a tower and materializes a Krab. 3 Holiday in the Fog However, he seems to forget about boys' dorm inspection, so Jim forces him to stay behind. Later on, Ulrich gets a headache and faints. Aelita learns her name upon touching the interface of the activated tower, Aelita's very first use of her only power of "creativity" was when she instinctively made a wall of solid ice to defend Yumi, Yumi and Odd never discover their abilities of, Chronologically, this is the show's premiere, Team Lyoko discover the very Heart/Core of Lyoko itself; a huge white sphere with a holographic image of Lyoko in its center, protected by two cube-shaped shields.