When I do, Ill add the Middle East eagles also. He will fly through mountains, valleys and cliffs to look for a big enough hole. Just me trying to keep the faith : Mary Threadgill Bush. Well, even though the results are kind of vague and inconclusive, I am delighted to be part of the dialogue. You see I have been depressed and overweight with 4 kids, the youngest being 3 yrs. Your research has been a blessing to me and my fishing friends. Thank you for providing deeper understanding on this subject. That is very interesting. The United States declared the bald eagle its national bird in 1792, due to the eagle's long lifespan and . TRAIT #1: Eagles fly at high altitudes, not with low-flying birds like sparrows or other small birds. Thank you Lee. Of all the wildlife, only the eagle has the capacity to renew his strength. I feel like this is living the fasted life and that i can do things again that I only did in my youth. Plus it has been too long ago to trace my sources and resources. Since 1940, all bald eagles are protected by law. We would like to use the hooded pitohuis photo on your blog, but it is always confusing as what to include for copyright. I believe that there has to be a truthful reference to something more than the stages of life as it deals specifically with the youth being renewed . And your articles put an amazing facts! That to me sounds a lot like, So that your youth is renewed like the eagles. As the eagle goes through the different stages of its life, the new feathers are graciously provided by a Creator that sees to the needs of His creation by having designed those features to renew as it matures. 4) Captive eagles may be susceptible to mood disorders, but wild eagles are not. I am considering injections in my knees (HYALGAN) This is natural substance that comes from the comb of a rooster. The eagle will fly to a high spot and wait for the winds to come. I have attended a conference recently and they shared about the eagle renewal per Ps. I struggled with that article, because of so many using the same info. Sir/madam could you pls send me a photo of an eagle that shows them when they renewed by God how do they look like.yours faithfully Piet Makola. #gallery-8634-4 img { The image has even been added that the beak and claws are knocked off and then grow back during that time, giving them another 10 or so more years to their life. [Ref: Daily Inspiration With Sigi by Sigi Oblander, ISBN: 0-620-28072-7; pg 294-295] Please kill it promptly! 103:5. I love your article, but I did have one question. Most birds do not have as many changes as the eagles. There the eagle knocks its beak against a rock until it plucks it out. God Promised To Renew Your Strength. Sounds like mythology mixed with a few truths. Thanks, Ken for leaving some thoughts on the eagle. I especially appreciate your position that if it is in Gods Word, then lets look for the explanation! If those facts are true, then what is meant by Gods Word about the eagle? Amazing bird. I am glad to find someone else who has the desire and actually takes the time to do the research. They would be dead. Interestingly, Bald Eagles have featherless legs and strong talons that are designed for catching fish in the water, while Golden Eagles have feathered legs and strong talons designed to catch bigger prey like jackrabbits, wild turkeys, squirrels, and . Nice analogy If we are in relationship with Him our spiritual enthusiasm will constantly be renewing. Thanks. After finding childishness Soaring saves an eagle energy because it does not have to flap its wings as often. First is soaring on wings of eagles. How Does An Eagle Renew Its Strength? I could go on. (Psalms 51:10 KJV) Decided enough Already, I am a new creation in Christ I am just thinking that he satisfies our mouth with good satisfying food and as a result, our youth is I was just meditating this morning in Gods word and I noticed an enlightening. Thanks Lee. The following verses tell of a renewed right spirit, mind, spirit of your mind, and knowledge: Talons endure. Lee, I believe several people in the Bible had their youth renewed . You dont mind if I shared your fascinating discovery with my study group.I have been released from so many things that did not come from God (being renewed in my mind, aligning with Gods thoughts and ways about Him, myself and others] when He created me and I have received comments of my face glowing and that I look like 20 years younger without them knowing what was happening [the process that God is taking me through]. Wouldnt you need to study an eagle from the Middle East to be more accurate? What does it mean if an Eagle crosses your path? God told me that the good things that He satisfies your mouth with is revealed knowledge or a Rhema word a word straight from him. Some interesting thoughts about the Eagles renewal. I have enjoyed all these thoughtful comments. They are considered the kings of the sky and were adopted by several ancient cultures, including Rome, as a symbol of that country's leadership and immortality. The eagle's talons have become so long that they have a hard time picking up prey, and t. What does it mean to be renewed like the eagles? I can only believe through faith. Thanks for sharing. Its a nicemetaphor, but lets just say it would not hold up in court. Earthly fleshly youth is never renewed but always passes away. Pingback: Eagle renewing | Kimberlyanncol. The English translation is wrong. how does an eagle renew its strength?jean reno house. If I hear this story on the nestcam chat tomorrow, Im gonna be SOOOO POed!! I just read many of the comments and see there is more interesting insights you shared such as how the eagle becomes very sickly in the 5th yr and then comes out glorious when it is done. 2020 10 Jul. Yes, and european otters were also fit to eat during fasts because due to their largely aquatic lifestyle they were regarded as fish. He is so willing to catch us, help us, and carry us until we can indeed fly. Job 33: 25. Thanks, Rick! During its first four weeks of life, an eaglets fluffy white down changes to a gray wooly down. We will never know all about the eagles, only their Creator knows that, but we keep trying to learn as much as is possible. I have been trying to find proof of that, and am not finding it. All this additional information about eagles gives new meaning to Isaiah 40:31. I am over 60 yrs. * However this does not answer the question for me based on the following points. This gives the appearance of renewed youth in the eagle. I was becoming dismayed that there were so many other posts out there that put up myth for fact and bore relation to observational science. This world is always going to present challenges, but we have a Saviour who can, if we let Him, help us out of our situations and so much more. Jesus is the High Priest of our confession! As far as I can find out, eagles do indeed moult, but only one left/right pair of flight feathers are lost at any time, so it's not a dramatic process. Now Ive discovered your article and all the discussions it has engendered. When you wait upon the Lord, God will renew your strength. This hole must sustain him. Its a nice story, sort of, but eagles dont go through the process of rebirth. Thanks, Mary, for contributing. If you can see the new feathers and beck why cant it happen the way other people see it. Thank you, it has been most insightful. Thats why theyre birds of prey, and not woodpeckers. If God can restore withered hands thru Jesus when He walked the earth, then He can and will certainly do the same thru those who bear His NAME in the earth today! (Isaiah 40:31 KJV). He forgives all our sins, but we have to quit doing them and then He heals everything that makes us uneasy. Pingback: Baby New Year and Old Father Time When I Come To Be Old. Thank you for the comments. Some of the eagles will tear meat from a prey they have caught with the blood dripping down, and they will fly over the depressed eagle so that they will catch a new scent of life. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Biggest Urban Pygmy Cormorant Roost is Finally Protected!! June 23, 2022; norm pacific model tmd1cm33 On Wings of Eagles. On the other hand, a golden eagle has a grip More :A bald eagle has a grip strength of around 400 pounds per square inch and can lift a weight of around 5 pounds. God bless you for the article, and everyone else for the replies. Marge, Thanks, Marge, for commenting and for the folktale. Naming in Latin done by no other than Linnaeus. This is done so she can safely raise them up without any type of harm coming to them. My God is an awesome God, Thanks, Diane. According to scientists from an environmental education center in Colorado (HawkQuest), a bald eagle's grip with its talons is 10 times stronger than the average gripping strength of a human hand. Encompasses you with loving kindness & tender mercies Joy to you, Maia. One of your pictures is not a Bald Eagle it is a Golden Eagle! Like all eagles, the bald eagle is a predator, but it does not attack the young of other birds. Ive been thinking about this for a while, too, and keep meaning to google it. Plus: what about infection? Our relationship does not grow old and frayed and worthless. When the Psalmist mentions the renewal of the eagle, he may be referring to the "molting process" in an eagle's life. I am old and wanting my youth renewed,I have a reason for waiting to walk through those gorgeous pearly gates.I I have been taught that waiting on the Lord is an active waiting in prayer. We can catch those spiritual thermals and rise above to go the distance! What an awesome article about the correlation between the eagles many characteristics related to bible scriptures. It is a myth that has no scientific basis. Thats why it speaks to our lives so much and why we should apply it to our lives. coast of Spain. The great eagle wants to renew his strength and get fresh food. Thank you for the encouragement. } I always questioned that idea that the Eagle goes into this terrible pain of ripping their feathers to grow again. We will be fully functioning, strong people. in the mid-13th century, Frederick II actually imported barnacle-encrusted logs from Scandinavia to test the story. I recently started the Gen 1:29 diet through hallalujah acres ministry. I'm sure you've seen it on greeting cards, framed pictures, and tees garnered with a picture of a soaring eagle. Francine. Apparently a nesher is more likely a vulture than an eagle. God created mankind in His own image. I think as the eagle goes through his different stages he is renewed. These are all tremendous characteristics for us to consider when we read of God's promise of vigor and vitality here in Psalms 103. Only freed from past burdens, can we take advantage of the present. Am indeed encouraged by this article. They will run and not grow. Satisfies your mouth (desires) with good things But to reach this age, the eagle must make a hard decision. cheersport atlanta 2021 results,